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Welcome to the Cardiff Casuals Cricket Club Virtual Clubhouse

In 1993, a group of players, dissatisfied with the authoritarian leadership of the club they played for, broke away and wrote a constitution for a democratic club that would allow members to play cricket in a friendly and supportive atmosphere that would never allow the objective of winning to drive out all other considerations.

We spent our first five years as a strictly non-league club, playing only friendly games; then in 1999, in need of more reliable mid-week fixtures, we joined Cardiff’s “Willow League” – which is also supposed to be run without letting competitiveness get out of hand.

The full Club Constitution (with Kaaadiff Langwidge Translation) can be found in About Us - it's key features are “Equality of Opportunity” and “The Right to Fail” . This means that ALL paid-up members are entitled to their fair share of playing opportunities, and players don’t get ‘dropped’ (though they may be ‘rested’). Don’t get us wrong, the right to fail is not a duty ! We enjoy winning and do our best to do so within these guiding principles.

We elect our committee each year at our AGM, and by tradition, Captains serve for a maximum of two consecutive seasons.

Membership is open to players who agree to support these objectives. Guest players sometimes join us, but naturally, paid-up members have priority in selection, and normally, the Captain can only select non-members when members are unavailable. We allow newcomers just introduced to the club their first game (or off-season net) free-of charge. If you like these rules and you’d like to join us – click here.

Regrettably, due to the social nature of the club, we are unable to accept players under the age of 18, other than in exceptional circumstances. Youth Policy - click here

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