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last updated 02/07/2022

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Willow Fixtures/Results - 2022

Full rules explained

Below is the list of fixtures for the 2022 season - 11 teams in the league, Radyr Dad's in the cup.

Should any changes be required it is down to teams concerned to make alternative arrangements. If this happens please email so the website can be updated.

You can download the following Willow League fixture info:

  • Willow League Fixtures - (v1.2a 02/05/2022) note the version number as may change during the season (MS Word download) - the fixtures web page (ie this page) will always be the most up to date during the season
  • Willow Rules
  • or go to the Willow forum

Scorecard results and scorecards

The match result* needs to be emailed (or text/WhatsApp 07725086385) to so the website can be updated. The emphasis is on the winning team to provide the result, though either can provide (and it's better to get notification a few times by multiple people rather than not getting it at all). Plus please provide this as soon as possible, but no later than a week after the game (as this will effect the league table/or potentially the arrangement of future fixtures.

The result notification should be along the lines of - Team A 146-8 beat Team B 125 all out by 21 runs and who batted 1st. Similarly if the game is cancelled or rained off please state this.

This would be appreciated. Thanks

Cup draw

  Round 1 (prelim)   Cup 1   Semi   Final
Game 1 Radyr Dads vs NOW Game 5 Hawks vs NOW (Winner G1) Game 13 Medics (Winner G7) vs NOW (Winner G5) Game 17 Winner G13 vs Winner G14
Game 2 Eclipse vs BOTS Game 6 Casuals vs Eclipse (Winner G2) Game 14 Eclipse (Winner G6) vs Cavaliers (Winner G8)    
Game 3 Chartered Trust vs Glenwood Game 7 Medics vs Glenwood (Winner G3)        
Game 4 Talygarn vs Centurions Game 8 Cavaliers vs Centurions (Winner G4)        
  Bowl 1 (prelim)   Bowl 1   Semi   Final
Game Q   Game 9 Casuals (Loser G6) vs Radyr Dads (Loser G1) Game 15 Glenwood (Winner G11) vs Radyr Dads (Winner G9) Game 18 Winner G15 vs Winner G16
    Game 10 BOTS (Loser G2) vs Hawks (Loser G5) Game 16 BOTS (Winner G10) vs Trust (Winner G12)    
    Game 11 Glenwood (Loser G7) vs Talygarn (Loser G4)        
    Game 12 Trust (Loser G3) vs Centurions (Loser G8)        



Home Team

Away Team





Week 1
Tues 3rd May Trust NOW St Fagans League 1 Trust 184-4 (15pts) bt NOW 106ao (0pts) by 78 runs  
  Wed 4th May Eclipse Talygarn St Fagans League 1 182-5 (15pts) bt Talygarn 102-3 (0pts) by 80 runs  
Thurs 5th May Casuals Glenwood Wenvoe League 1 Glenwood 80-6 (12pts) bt Casuals 79-7 (3pts) by 4 wkts  
Thurs 5th May Centurions Hawks Llantwit Fardre

League 1

Hawks 128-8 (11pts) bt Centurions 120-5 (4pts) by 8 runs  
NOTE date Thurs 12th May Cavaliers Medics Cathedral School League 1 Medics 139-6 (13pts) bt Cavaliers 122-4 (2pts) by 17 runs  
    BOTS BYE   League 1    
Week 2
  TBC Radyr Dads
TBC Cup Prelim Game-1 NOW win by concession  
  Tues 10th May Eclipse BOTS St Fagans Cup Prelim Game-2 Eclipse 153-9 bt BOTS 152-9 by 1 wkt  
re-arranged Wed 25th May Talygarn Centurions Llandaff Fields Cup Prelim Game-4 Centurions win by concession  
Thurs 12th May Trust Glenwood St Fagans Cup Prelim Game-3 Glenwood 132-7 bt Trust 131-9 by 3 wkts  
Week 3


  Wed 18th May Hawks BOTS Lisvane League 2 rained off  
  Wed 18th May NOW Centurions Llantwit Fardre League 2 rained off  
  Wed 18th May Talygarn Trust St Fagans League 2 rained off  
Thurs 19th May Glenwood Eclipse St Fagans League 2 rained off  
  Thurs 19th May Medics Casuals Llandaff P2 League 2 Medics 161-6 (15pts) bt Casuals 103ao (0pts) by 58runs  
    Cavaliers Bye   League 2    
Week 4              
  Tues 24th May Talygarn Casuals Llandaff Fields League 3 Casuals 178-4 (15pts) bt Talygarn 93ao (0pts) by 85 runs  
  Tues 24th May Medics Hawks Llandaff P2 League 3 Hawks 114-3 (14pts) bt Medics 113ao (1pt) by 7 wkts  
  Wed 25th May Trust Glenwood St Fagans League 3 rained off  
  Wed 25th May BOTS NOW Llandaff Fields League 3 BOTS 67-1 (15pts) bt NOW 66ao (0pts) by 9 wkts  
  Thurs 26th May Eclipse Cavaliers St Fagans League 3 rained off  
  Centurions Bye   League 3    
Week 5
Updated date and venue
Tues 31st May Cavaliers Centurions (Winner G4) Blackweir

Cup 1 Game-8

Cavaliers 175ao bt Centurions 140ao by 35 runs  
Tues 31st May Casuals Eclipse (Winner G2) Pontcanna Fields Cup 1 Game-6 Eclipse 113-9 bt Casuals 111ao by 1 wikt  
Wed 1st June Medics Glenwood (Winner G3) St Fagans

Cup 1 Game-7

Medics 108-7 bt Glenwood 98ao by 10 runs  
Updated date and venue Thurs 2nd June Hawks NOW (Winner G1) Pontcanna Fields Cup 1 Game-5 NOW 153-4 bt Hawks 138-6 by 15 runs  
Week 6              
Updated date and venue Mon 6th June Casuals NOW Pontcanna League 4 Casuals 154-7 (11pts) bt NOW 148-3 (4pts) by 6runs
Tues 7th June Talygarn Centurions Llandaff Fields League 4 Centurions 186-3 (15pts) bt Talygarn 69-6 (0pts) by 117 runs
  Wed 8th June Eclipse Hawks St Fagans League 4 Eclipse 140-8 (13pts) bt Hawks 124-5 (2pts) by 16runs
  Thurs 9th June BOTS Medics Llandaff Fields League 4 rained off  
Thurs 9th June Cavaliers Trust Cathedral School League 4 rained off  
    Glenwood Bye  

League 4

Week 7              
updated date, venue TBC
Mon 13th June NOW Talygarn TBC

League 5

NOW (15pts) bt Talygarn by defualt (0pts) (Talygarn conceded)
  Wed 15th June Glenwood Medics St Fagans League 5 Glenwood 118-2 (14pts) bt Medics 117-7 (1pt) by 8 wkts
  Wed 15th June Trust Eclipse St Fagans League 5 Eclipse 166-5 (15pts) bt Trust 117-6 (0pts) by 49 runs
  Thurs 16th June Casuals Cavaliers Wenvoe League 5 Cavaliers 156-1 (11pts) bt Casuals 147-8 (4pts) by 9runs
  Thurs 16th June Centurions BOTS Llantwit Fardre League 5 BOTS 123-4 (13pts) bt Centurions 120-4 (2pts) by 6 wkts
    Hawks Bye  

League 5

Week 8              
  Wed 22nd June Glenwood (Loser G7) Talygan (Loser G4) St Fagans Bowl 1 Game-11 Glenwood 167-2 bt Talygarn 117-7 by 50 runs
updated venue and date Wed 22nd June Trust (Loser G3) Centurions (Loser G8) St Fagans Bowl 1 Game-12 Trust 138-6 bt Centurions 104ao by 34 runs
  Thurs 23rs June BOTS (Loser G2) Hawks (Loser G5) Pontcanna Bowl 1 Game-10 BOTS 138-8 bt Hawks 125-4 by 13 runs
  Thurs 23rd June Casuals (Loser G6) Radyr Dads (Loser G1) Wenvoe Bowl 1 Game-9 Radyr 127-7 bt Casuals 70ao by 57 runs
Week 9              
  Wed 29th June Medics Trust St Fagans League 6 Trust (15pts) bt Medics (0pts) by forfeit
  Wed 29th June NOW Eclipse St Fagans League 6 rained off  
  Wed 29th June Hawks Cavaliers Lisvane League 6 rained off  
  Thurs 30th June Glenwood Centurions St Fagans League 6 rained off  
  Thurs 30th June BOTS Talygarn Llandaff Fields League 6 BOTS 210-7 (15pts) bt Talygarn 99-8 (0pts) by 111 runs
    Casuals Bye  

League 6

Week 10              
  Wed 6th July Medics Talygarn Blackweir League 7    
Wed 6th July Hawks Trust Lisvane League 7    
  Thurs 7th July BOTS Glenwood Llandaff Fields League 7    
  Thurs 7th July Cavaliers NOW Cathedral School League 7    
  Thurs 7th July Centurions Casuals Llantwit Fardre League 7    
    Eclipse Bye  

League 7

Week 11              
TBC Wed 13th July Medics (Winner G7) NOW (Winner G5) TBC Cup Semi Game-13    
  Wed 13th July Eclipse (Winner G6) Cavaliers (Winner G8) St Fagans Cup Semi Game-14    
  Wed 13th July Glenwood (Winner G11) Radyr Dads (Winner G9) St Fagans Bowl Semi Game-15    
  Thurs 14th July BOTS (Winner G10) Trust (Winner G12) Llandaff fields Bowl Semi Game-16    
Week 12              
  Wed 20th July Trust BOTS St Fagans League 8    
  Wed 20th July Eclipse Medics St Fagans League 8    
  Wed 20th July Hawks Casuals Lisvane League 8    
  Thurs 21st July Centurions Cavaliers Llantwit Fardre League 8    
  Thurs 21st July Glenwood NOW St Fagans League 8    
    Talygarn Bye  

League 8

Week 13              
  TBC NOW Medics TBC League 9    
  Mon 25th July Talygarn Hawks Llandaff Fields League 9    
  Tues 26th July Casuals BOTS Pontcanna Fields League 9    
  Thurs 28th July Cavaliers Glenwood Pontcanna Fields League 9    
  Thurs 28th July Centurions Eclipse Llantwit Fardre League 9    
    Trust Bye  

League 9


Week 14

  Tues 2nd Aug Talygarn Cavaliers Llandaff Fields League 10    
  Wed 3rd Aug Hawks Glenwood Lisvane League 10    
  Thurs 4th Aug BOTS Eclipse Llandaff Fields League 10    
  Thurs 4th Aug Casuals Trust Wenvoe League 10    
  Thurs 4th Aug Medics Centurions Llantwit Fardre League 10    
    NOW Bye  

League 10

  Fri 5th Aug Winner G13 Winner G14 St Fagans Cup Final    
  Fri 5th Aug Winner G15 Winner G16 St Fagans Bowl Final    


Week 15              
  TBC NOW Hawks TBC League 11    
  Wed 10th Aug Eclipse Casuals St Fagans League 11    
  Wed 10th Aug Trust Centurions St Fagans League 11    
  Wed 10th Aug Cavaliers BOTS Pontcanna Fields League 11    
  Thurs 11th Aug Glenwood Talygarn St Fagans League 11    
    Medics Bye  

League 11


Week 16

  Fri 12th Aug       Cup Final (Res)    
  Fri 12th Aug       Bowl Final (Res)    


The fixtures allow member teams to take part in 2 different competitions
1) a round robin league of 10 fixtures (20 overs; max 4 overs per bowler; batsmen retire at 50, but can come back in if the rest of the team is out - return in retirement order)
2) a cup knock-out (18 overs; max 2 overs per bowler and batsman retire at 25 runs- batsmen can come back in if the rest of the team is out - return in retirement order)
3) - No sheild/plate competition

Member clubs must abide with the fixtures communicated by the fixture secretary and published on the website. The exceptions are the Cup semi finals which must be arranged between the respective clubs. When mutually agreed fixtures cannot be agreed these will instead be determined by the fixture secretary or another committee member if there is a conflict of interest. See AGM minutes for clarification or contact the Willow Chairman if unsure on fuxture rules.

Team Venue Postcode Notes
Boyz of the Summer Cardiff Parks   Blackweir; Llandaff; Pontcanna
Cardiff Casuals Wenvoe CF5 6AH  
Cardiff Cavaliers CC Cathedral School, Llandaff CF5 2YH  
Cardiff Medics Cardiff Parks   Blackweir; Llandaff; Pontcanna
Celtic Hawks Llandaff Fields CF11 9JL (use pitches opposite Cardiff Rd/halfway, NOT Pontcanna off Fields Park/Fairleigh Rds)
Chartered Trust St Fagans CC CF5 6DU  
Eclipse St Fagans CC CF5 6DU  
Glamorgan Centurions Central Park, Llantwit Fardre CF38 1RJ  
Glenwood Cardiff Parks   Blackweir; Llandaff; Pontcanna
National Orchestra Cardiff Parks   Blackweir; Llandaff; Pontcanna
Radyr Dads     Cup 2019
Talygarn Cardiff Parks   Blackweir; Llandaff; Pontcanna



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