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Casual Celebrities

Due the success of the Cazh around the World, players have been sending in pictures that though interesting haven't met the requirements of Cazh around the World - ie they must be wearing either Cazh shirt or cap or both...However, most of these erroneous photos have contained Casuals with 'celebrities' - so what better way to display these snaps than on their own page ' Casual Celebrities'.

Hopefully the section will 'grow' with time, if you have a Casual Celebrity picture send it to The main requirement is that the player should be in the photo with a 'celebrity'....ideally someone recognisable...and alive...

Nadders with England's specialist limited over player - Chris Jordan
Shakey with Max Boyce
The Cazh with David Gower at the Savoy
Goffy with Gats
Tim with a world cup player South African leggy Imran Tahir
Jonny F with the Royal party (on his Castle duties)
Jonny F showing Meghan what is generally a good welsh length (for a yorker on a low bouncing pitch)
Jonny F displaying some of his non-conventional umpiring actions
Jonny F explaining why he is never out lbw
Britpop with Ashes 1st Test - Man of the Match Joe Root
11 July 2014
The Cazh with Robert Croft at Glamorgan Game July 2014
Steveo scaring Robert Croft at Glamorgan Game July 2014 Steveo manages to snare a couple more of England's heros - ICC Trophy 2013 Steveo and the Smurfs, ICC 2013
Steveo catches the Aussies cleaning up..after their defeat at the ICC Steveo at the ICC Trophy 2013 game vs NZ - he is on the hotspot camera being 'impartial' (front row) after Joe Root takes a stunning catch... Tesh at the same ICC Trophy 2013 game vs NZ - he is on the other hotspot camera looking a bit subdued (in the hoody front row)
Steveo and Atherton (looking chuffed to met his acquaintance!! ICC Trophy 2013 Steveo and Aggers (Aggers trying to escape into the TMS commentary box). ICC Trophy 2013 Steveo and Nasser Hussain, unfortunately Steveo forgot Nasser's name so didn't ask him to be included in the photo... ICC Trophy 2013
Steveo and Tesh meeting the Windies virtual team...haven't got the knack of looking at the camera... ICC Trophy 2013 Jonny F looks for Marleeeen (with Boycie) The Cazh meet Blowers at the Monmouth Savoy (yellow trousers)
The Cazh get friendly, though not sure he has a clue what was going on The Cazh meet Miles Jupp of Buzzcocks, News for you and Balamory fame at the Monmouth Savoy (red jacket) Steveo becomes his close friend
Richie and Bart Simpson (Richie is on the right...) Richie meets up with Scooby and Shaggy Richie goes one on one with Scooby Doo
Richie and Donkey Richie and Wayne Rooney John F (the one advertising Big Yellow) with the rest of his team and the Eggheads. Unfortunately they were defeated after the 15th tie break question - never forget the King of Hearts (playing cards) is the only without a moustache...
Dom (from some property show) and Steveo (the one dressed as a tw@t). One of Steveo's ploys to get on the tele... Smitts, Rog and Derek the Weatherman. Derek seems to be enjoying being the 'meat' in this this Cazh sandwich...not too sure were the hands are... Cllr Shakey, Cardiff Castle. Why is everyone, bar Catherine, fully clothed...oh well, nice daffodils!!
Steveo and bloke off the Office and Pirates of the Caribbean. He even makes Steveo look healthy
Goughy (right), meeting with the local wild cat postal strikers, Greendale
Foxy and Catherine. She seems to get around doesn't she...the reason for Foxy's silly grin is because he's just shared a line with Cath...



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