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Match Report vs Lisvane 07 August 2011 @ St Mellons (Skipper Muff, report Dan)

It was with some surprise and trepidation that skipper Muff received the phone call from the Lisvane skipper to say the game was on, after the periods of torrential rain encountered during the morning. However, after a few hasty phone calls and texts a full team was drafted in where others pulled out due to injury and illness…or so he thought….

On arrival, the covers were off, but there was a bit of standing water near the square so it was decided that kick off would be 3pm and reduced overs. This would give time for 2 missing Casuals…it looked almost certain that Napalm would be a no show as all 9 Cazh were present and as none had been asked to give him a lift, with no car could be a bit of a problem…the other lost in action Cazh was CD, though as it turns out he wasn’t aware he was playing nor actually selected! Fortunately, Lisvane came with spares, so up to full strength, the Cardiff City/West Ham game finished with a surprising last minute winner from Cardiff, the game began.

Predictably, during the first over the heavens opened, all bar 2 fielders played through it and after 10 mins the rain had passed. The rain had not dampened openers Shakey or Tesh who set off at a pace and after 4 overs had already reached 25 without loss. Tesh played in now familiar aggressive strokes including a lovely cover drive and Shakey brought out the ‘dab’ or flashing cheese slice. The bowlers started to find their rhythm and the runs slowed. The first wicket to fall was that of Tesh in the 8th over, bowled for 24 off 19 deliveries. 33 for 1. Steveo strode to the middle. After 2 or 3 wild swishes connecting with thin air, Shakey waddled down the track to have a word with his batting partner. At this point, sensing the advice was ‘defend’ Shag on the sideline decided to introduce the spectators and substitute Casuals to the game – ‘guess how many balls’ (that Steveo would last) – the lowest was 3 and highest 12. Steveo increased the tension by frequently losing the strike. In the meantime, Shakey was caught not getting hold of one in the 12th over (15 off 38 balls). Cheese joined Steveo.

On returning to the pavilion, Shakey shared his advice that he had given to the Bearded one – “try aiming at the small round red thing”…not quite what we were expecting nor had it helped Steveo focus on finding it. However, in the 13over Steveo found it, and crashed three consecutive boundaries, one of which almost removed the bowlers fingers. The innings came to and end in the 16th – undone by the dreaded straight one (16 off 17 balls). Foxy won the game with the guess of 12, the two Cazh Subs appeared be well in with a shout with 4 and 5... 62-3. The first Cazh substitute veteran Peter Allan of Housing fame joined Ed and the pair had contrasting styles – Peter blocked and nurdled, and Cheese blocked and swiped. Cheese did connect with a couple including a 6, but the slow pitch was his undoing in the 22nd over top edging it to the keeper (19 off 33 balls) in the same over Peter tried to up his rate and was caught at cover (5 off 18 balls). 81-5. Suddenly the Cazh were looking in a spot of bother.

Substitute Cazh #2 – a young Liam Jones and Foxy the elder were batting, Liam got a single before being caught, Foxy didn’t and was bowled for 0. 82-7 off 23. Pablo and Shag now at the crease. Paul looked in great touch, playing everything on merit and produced a glorious cover drive boundary, Shag continued in his agricultural style and after being dropped twice in the first over decided caution should prevail. The pair hung around for a good while against some very consistent line and length bowling before Shag tried to lift the tempo in the 31st over and was caught at mid off (13 off 19 balls), unfortunately Paul was bowled in the same over for 19 off 25 balls. 119-9-31overs. Winkie and Muff looked to see out the overs and push the score along – which was difficult with the accurate bowling, but both succeeded in seeing out the overs with Andy getting run out second to last ball trying to eek one more run out of it. Andy finished on 13 off 16 balls and Muff not out on 2 off 6. The total a little disappointing 135ao after many good starts from the batsmen.

Tea was taken and demolished – a very good selection of sandwiches, mini sausages, and lots of cake – young Liam could be a Cazh in the making going for a wholly cake diet.

A slightly fatter group of Casuals departed to the field, Winkie thrown the new ball, struggling with stiffness and heavy stomach struggled with line and length early on but found a fuller delivery worked best again the 2 solid looking batsmen. Young Liam opened from the other end and started on leg but found his line in the 3rd and 4th overs. Lisvane started slowly and then looked to increase. After 8 overs the score was 26. Andy bowled through and Liam was replaced by Paul. Paul also started off target with the young big lad hitting him for 2 square leg fours, but again came back nicely mixing up pace, line and length. Foxy was to replace Andy and first over got the breakthrough…a slow half tracker which pitched and bounced again, the batsman having started to play his sweep 15 minutes earlier was now stranded on one knee as the ball eventually reached him and hit him on the knee (the one on the floor). Foxy appealled and only 2 decisions could have been given – out or no ball – he was given out…though he wasn’t particularly happy.

The following 2 deliveries could have also been lbw wickets – and in fairness were more legitimate calls, but after being generous with one the umpire decided against giving another. Unfortunately this was not the end of wicket taking chances…the other opener decided to go large to deep mid wicket…all looked to the fielder who was prowling on the boundary…oh no, it was Dan, dropper of 7 consecutive catches, would this be the end to his unexpectedly long catching draught? In a word no, taking it on the move adjacent to the boundary rope, it was in…no it was out, it was almost in again, nope it hit the ground – bollocks. 53-1 off 15overs.

Lisvane never really put their foot down in the innings, steadily creeping up to the target total. 101 off 25. Dan and Muff came on at the end to try and bag a wicket, but the game was past the Cazh by this point and the batsman started to ‘have a go’ and the game finished in the 31st over. Mitchell that Dan dropped went on to score 84 – Dan dropped him on 31 and it was noted in the well recorded score book (by Andy F) that Paul dropped him on 56 – but in reality it was travelling like a missile and Paul did well to get a hand on it – it stopped the boundary.

Andy H – 7-0-24-0
Liam – 4-0-11-0
Paul – 7-0-27-0
Foxy – 4-0-21-1
Dan – 4.1-0-31-0
Muff – 4-0-19-0

There was time for a chat and pint in the pavilion before heading back off home for tea and biscuits, or for Dan several cans of blackthorn to drown his catching sorrows and pondered after such a good start where had it all gone wrong…


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