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Match Report vs Sri Lankans 31 July 2011 @ Wenvoe (Skipper and report Ed)

Caz turned up to Wenvoe to find two pitches marked out but those who played last Monday steered us away from the wicket used that day. Caz and the Sri Lankans slowly trickled to the ground with the Sri Lankans having to find some numbers most notable Mr C Stork complimenting their ranks.

Cheese strode out to the square with the opp captain for the toss which turned into a virtual one with the opp still waiting on some players and with me concerned about our recent batting displays, the cazh were to field first.

The first decision of the day was easy, by throwing Winkie the new ball and Goff the gloves after that came the tricky part setting the field. Now with all due respect to our more stately members of the team, the inner ring was not one that would strike fear into an opening bat. Shakes was anchoring the line at square leg; Foxy at short mid-wicket; Pablo at mid-on; DT at mid-off; Chris Durnell (CD) at short cover; cheese at point covering the short boundary to the stream. Tesh was down third man ready to open at the quarry end. This left Richie and JF in the slip/gully region, now you maybe asking why we had two accomplished fielders in such static positions; well respectively they were nursing a hamstring and a calf (the muscle, not a new born cow) and getting them through the game was going to take good game management.

Right on with the cricket, Winkie first over was tight with a single coming from a leg side tickle though this almost resulted in a run out with shakes on to the ball quickly but throwing to the wrong end, their bad calling would turn out to be a feature of their innings.

Tesh opened from the other end with pretty much the same field though with fine leg in place and cheese dropping back to cover the massive off side boundary. A fine spell from Tesh dropped short a couple of times and was carted to leg but beat the bat regularly but failed to find the elusive edge.

Winkie’s second over brought a double break through with C Stork being bowling with one that came in the cut away clipping the off stump this brought their diminutive wicket keeper to the crease and never looked comfortable and edge one behind that Goff took cleanly. Winkie finished his spell with a couple of maidens.

Pablo took over from Tesh at the quarry end and started a tight seven over spell that hardly need the fielders in the deep with foxy closing down the cover region with only one ball squirming past him and the only runs coming from flicks and slices going behind square either side of the stumps.

Shakey replaced Winkie at the pavilion end and while shakes was setting his field, DT came ambling over to tell me that he need to nip home, slightly concern as DT was not forthcoming with any details I wondered over the scorers table to enquiry if Andy could shed any light on DT disappearance. As it turned out DT had picked up his wife’s car keys and she need them back as she was off to visit her mother. Now I think we would all agree with DT’s decision, on one hand 10 piss taking cazh or 2 irritate women with one being his wife and the other his mother-in-law. So we lost DT for 15 overs. As a side issue strangely the message was passed on through Dan as we all had text messages from him over the missing keys, DT you did see a white Saab go passed you as you neared home?!?

Anyway while this was going on Shakey had set is field and started a tight 4 over spell. With the runs drying up their number 4 looked to open up only to get a top edge to a Shakey faster ball and it flew to backward point with Richie taking a great catch over his shoulder with the ball swerving away and spinning madly.

Shakey continued his miserly spell with the batsmen trying to capitalise on any vaguely loose ball, their captain smashed a cover drive at CD that was distended for the boundary but CD got enough on it to allow cheese to clear up behind him though the captain decided that it was too gooder shot for a dot and called a suicide single and cheese bounced the ball into Goff who took off the bails leaving the non striker stranded in spite of his gallant dive. Shakes finished his spell taking a plumb lbw.

Pablo was still whirling away at the quarry end going through his variations keeping the batsmen guessing and flashing at fresh air. The batsmen final connected willow on leather only for it to lobe in the air and Shakey at mid off taking a regulation catch.

JF took over at the pavilion end looking for some form ready for the cup final after a couple of predominantly leg side overs found his line and started to draw out the batsmen. The batsmen finally lost concentration and sent one straight back at JF only for him to get hands in the wrong position and shell it.

Shakey changed ends replacing his brother for a quick over spell; before the over started Richie was worried about looking after the mid on region as his hamstring had started too tighten so quick instruction to Shakes that Richie needed to be brought in close and with his usual precision placed him at a silly square leg. Needless to say the very next delivery the batsmen popped the ball into Richie’s hands.

DT was on at the pavilion end and struggled for a good line to their number 10 who had taken the long handled approach, after one particular tight over a sharp single was called, though the non striker hesitated and with a good throw from JF and Goff took the bails. Once the umpire had raised the finger, what followed was what amounted to a full tirade directed towards the not out batsmen as to what constituent a call, please note Goughy that “come” is not a call only “Yes” or “NO”! DT picked up wicket of his own bowling the no.9.

Foxy replaced Shakes at the quarry end and struggled with his line in the first over although Pablo misjudged a skier and the ball dropped over him for a four. Foxy hardly conceded a run off his next two overs and after settling down bowled the number ten with a beauty.

Sri lankans all out for 133, probably 20 more than they should have got but with the run rate at just 3 an over nothing to worry about.

Winkie; 5 overs – 3 maidens – 6 runs – 2 wickets
Tesh; 6-0-34-0
Shakey; 5-2-15-3
Pablo; 7-1-19-1
JF; 4-1-15-0
DT; 5-0-25-1
Foxy; 3.1-0-17-1

Tea was great not the curried extravaganiser was I was lead to believe but a great selection of sandwiches, cake (in particular the Mr Kiplin apple and blackberry mini pies) and fresh fruit. A particular note to Muff about the egg mayo sandwiches they were well seasoned with a special extra of spring onion which worked well. Though surprisingly at tea the chat was more about the cricket and to be precise the Bell dismissal than food.

JF and CD had the responsibility of seeing off the new ball (which was a new ball and not the one we finished with which slightly annoyed me as they did not even bother to mention it), the opener from the pavilion had a slingy action and was hard to pick up out of the brick work of the pavilion. The first ball beamer did not help settling the opening batsmen but JF saw off the over and flicked one off his hips for four . There were a couple of lbw shouts but both were going down leg and JF was batting a good foot out of his crease.

The opener from the quarry end was the young lad who was very pedantic about calling, he was lucky that we were not pedantic about enforcing the rules as he was a chucker not the worse we have seen. In any event CD saw him off, played and missed a bit but got his bat in the way of the straight ones to the bowlers’ frustration.

The opening pair continued in this manor of picking up runs off the loose balls and defending diligently to the straight ones. At the start of the ninth over JF lost one in the brick work and was bowled. Bring Goff to the crease who dealt with the best over from the opening bowler of the day playing late and showing the makers name to the bowler.

After the 11th over there was a change in bowling at the quarry end with the opp captain entering the fray with an action I hate, a short angled run up and zipped it down. Again CD and Goff were up to the challenge with CD growing more fluid with every ball.

After a couple of overs of nudging and nurderling, the oppo captain sent down a couple of leg side half trackers which Goff dispatched with easy, then oppo captain over corrected with the next ball and sending down wide on the off side which Goff latched on to and sent hard into the gully region. Unfortunately the gully region was not vacant and Mr Stork took an excellent catch.

Winkie was in at four though was not able to build a partnership with CD as he was out next for a very diligent 16 in which he faced mainly their best two bowlers and dealt with them very well. Also just a quick thank you to CD, for being available to play at short notice after only getting the call on Saturday evening.

Tesh joined Winkie in the middle or so I thought but after a crisp drive from the new batsmen a cry of “well done Richie” was heard from boundary, I looked around to see Richie setting in a chair and though I had misheard but after another shot I heard the cry again only to find that CD was calling out the encouragement and was quite perplexed when Richie called over to him. To be fair they are of a similar build and both are folicly challenge (although one by choice!). Though I would say that Tesh is more “Cole cappuccino” with Richie a “Middleton royal mocha”, sorry my housemate left her Heat magazine lying about.

This pair continue with a solid partnership until Tesh went for a flick drive to a spinner and missed it was bowled, similar to last week to be honest.

Cheese came to the crease looking to make sure that defeat was not pulled from the jaws of victory and started very slowly but with Winkie picking up runs while on strike one straight drive in particular that absolutely raced to the boundary, including a horrendous over throw from one their youngsters shying at the wrong end and going through to the boundary at the quarry end, the total was never likely to get away from us.

Winkie had batted very well at this stage holding the middle order together though in the 25th over he caught one on the toe and was out lbw bring Richie to the middle with cheese being reminded that he had a dodgy hamstring so quick singles were not going to be part of the plan.

Again the run rate slowed, with both batsmen not wanting to induce a collapse, until the boundary was found four times in two overs with cheese ticklerling one down to the fine leg boundary; crashing another through off side while in between being beaten by a crawler that beat the wicket keeper as well for byes. The boundary spate was finished by Richie picking up half volley on the leg stump and dispatching over mid on.

The pair continue to nibble away at the total until with only 5 to get the fielding came in close which was fairly academic due to Richie’s injury, fortunately the slinger did not read the script delivering a full toss a foot out side off which the cheese creamed to the short stream boundary and then put next delivery passed the short mid wicket to pick up the win.

JF; 13 bowled
CD; 16 bowled
Goff; 12 caught
Winkie; 26 lbw
Tesh; 6 bowled
Cheese; 25 not out
Richie; 10 not out

Shakes, Pablo, Foxy and DT - DNB

Caz win by 4 wickets

Although no stars I felt everyone did their part especially in the field where it would have been easy to leak 20 or 30 more runs. Good to get a win on a Sunday after a couple of real drummings earlier in the month. Rot stopped


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