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Match Report vs Clytha 1 August 2010 @ The Moat (Skipper and Report Cheese)

The Cazh met at the Clytha arms in plenty of time for the 14:00 “start” though as expected the Clytha team were still arriving so the conversation drifted from Gareth and Kim’s friendly banter about who was going to hit the most sixes this season to JRs’ wife’s under carriage and the back to Gareth over the best way to get his TT to the ground.

Eventually Clytha team decide the winds were right and off we went to the ground, after a quick pitch inspection, the game rules were decided 30 overs with a max of 6; the toss was lost and the Cazh were surprisingly inserted into bat.

Ed and Tesh opened up with the general idea of surviving the first 5 overs and from the first ball that was always going to be about lucky rather than skill. After getting through the first 5 overs with a couple of boundaries due half trackers and full tosses, the opposition bowlers decided to start using the facilities and started to bowl a good length. The bowler from the Hospital end was sending down predominantly leg cutters, after getting away with a thick outside edge which looped over the point, Tesh opened his body to ball that pitched on leg looking to clip into the on-side only for the ball to jag off the wicket and sail past the outside edge and clatter into middle and off.
25-1 (5.4 overs)

JR was next to make the short walk to the middle and paddled his first ball down to fine leg for a single. After a couple more singles and byes in the next over, JR returned to face the leg cutter. Bowling a off side line induced a couple of wafts from JR, on the third go JR made contact only for it to brush gloves and was caught behind.
34-2 (7.5 overs)

Kim joined Ed at the crease, with instructions from the latter that the bad balls need to go. Kim eyes light up when the first ball was a full toss at waist height and setting himself to send the ball for the maximum, he played the ball too early and got a toe end and was caught and bowled.
34-3 (8 overs)

Gareth strolled out to the middle looking to cash in on the short boundary after Kim had not. After stealing the strike at the end of the 9 over Ed was on strike to face the hat-trick ball with only thoughts to deny the bowler his glory. This defiance only lasted until the third ball of the over, when he tried to sweep a ball that pitched outside leg to miss it and got bowled around his legs.
35-4 (9.3 overs)

Shakey was up next and showed Ed how to play that type of delivery by waiting for it and clipping around the corner of a single. This brought Gareth on strike for the first time and spanked his first ball to the boundary. Though the next ball had not learnt the lesson from Shakey and was bowled around his legs in similar fashion to Ed.
40-5 (10 overs)

As Mahesh joined Shakey in the middle there was a slight air of panic in the Cazh paddock, this only subsided slightly when we realised that the bowler who decimated the top order had completed his allotted overs. Mahesh and Shakey started to rebuild the innings with controlled aggression by hitting the bad balls to the boundary and picking up the singles where they could. Considering the wicket some of the shots played by both were remarkable with the on side driving standing out particularly.
This partnership stayed together for 10 overs contributing 44 runs to the total. With the rebuilding done by the 20th over Shakey decided to go on the offensive only to be undone by the pitch with on that kept low and he was bowled for battling 27.

As one Stephens’ walked in another walked out, Paul was in next. At this point I think Mahesh felt like he was batting with the tail, as the next over he took for 17 with Paul and me wondering where that came from. The shots were done with such control that there was no real danger except maybe the one that was whipped off middle stump to the midwicket boundary. After the over was completed Paul reminded Mahesh that he was no mug with the bat and the next couple of overs were taken at a more sedate pace.

Until in the 26th over Mahesh decided to flick the switch again taking this one for 20, 5 fours all carted to the midwicket boundary. After this Paul decided to get into the action driving the ball straight back down the ground only for the bowler to flail out an instinctive hand and the ball to stick.
137 for 7 (26.1 overs)

Dion was next in with girlfriend watching from the boundary, (never a good omen for many a cazh batsmen) first ball was well left by batsmen and the keeper bring Mahesh back on strike. With Mahesh still trying to dominate the bowling the final overs were going to be interesting. Mahesh kept on attacking only for one to stop on him meaning that he clipped the ball into the air and was caught at midwicket for 58. A 58 that was worth a ton on other grounds.
138 for 8 (27 overs)

This was not the pitch to come in on and try and score straight away and Iain, Dev and Richie struggled to lay willow on leather with any real venom. Dev was out caught off a leading edge and Iain was undone by a good Yorker, leaving the cazh finishing on 143 all out off 29.1 overs

Ed – 23 (bowled) (1x4; 2x6)
Tesh – 4 (bowled)
JR – 2 (caught)
Kim – 0 (caught)
Gareth – 4 (bowled) (1x4)
Mark S – 27 (bolwed) (4x4)
Mahesh – 58 (caught) (13x4)
Paul S – 2 (caught)
Iain – 0 (bowled)
Dev – 1 (caught)
Richie – 0 (not out)

As normal no tea break (although beer was available), so on to the bowling.

Iain opened from the pavilion end with a 5 / 4 field, with the cazh employing a fly slip. Iain bowled a great off side line, hitting the pitch in the right areas and conceding only 4 runs off the bat in his 6 overs with a couple of extreme wides which were down to the ball being too shiny!! Iain deserved a wicket and would have had one except for an it’s yours moment between himself, Mahesh and Tesh over a simple catch.

Pablo took the second over from the hospital end and bowled a tight first over, though took a bit of punishment in his second bowling a tad too short and getting pulled to leg but managed to entice a false drive to mid on where Shakey took a great diving catch. On request from the skip Paul held back 3 overs for the death where he tried his variations to get wickets unfortunately they did not come off though did finally get one past the bat and Kim took the bails efficiently.

Dev was next on from the hospital end and bowled tidy first three overs. Then had a break and came back strong in his last three overs. Getting his first victim bowled swinging in and then going away to take the off stump. Then started the Dev and Mahesh show with two identical wickets with Dev finding the leading edge and Mahesh catching comfortably at point both times.

Gareth bowled the second leg at the pavilion end and bowled with good pace and control (at times). Gareth’s first wicket was bowling the dangerous looking no. 3 but was helped out by the stumps being varnished early in the season as it only just clipped the leg stump. In the same over he bounced out the oppo captain with Kim taking a sharp catch. There were also great changes in pace during the spell and a well disguised slower ball led to the batsmen chipping back the ball to him for a well worked caught and bowled.

Shakey took the middle overs from the hospital end. The change of pace allowed the batsmen to slap to leg a bit more, though no batmen’s did this with any great authority. The opening bat (who batted for 26 overs for 22!) did connect with one that looked like it was going for a flat six. Dion managed to get his hands to the ball though only to parry down inside the boundary. Good spell from Shakey but just did not work for him.

Tesh took the remaining 2 overs from the hospital end and after a quick discussion went with the medium pace rather than the moon balls. Bowling a good off side line he was unlucky not to pick up a wicket.

Warwick: 6overs – 2 maidens – 7 runs – 0 wickets
Stephens P: 6-0-35-2
Dev: 6-1-8-3
Loveridge: 6-1-12-3
Stephens M: 4-0-21-0
Tesh: 2-0-4-0

The game ended with the cazh winning by 42 runs, this was mainly down to Mahesh butchering 37 runs off two overs and the bowlers working well as a group offering very few gimme balls.

The only disappointment of the day was the tea at the end with tales of previous gorge fests everybody was ready to tuck in only for us to wonder if the paltry offerings were just for us or both teams. The question was not pondered for long as the Cazh dived in.

Good Game, interesting wicket, only to say when we book the fixture for next year make sure they know who they are feeding.


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