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Match Report vs Llanarth 27 July 2010@ Llanarth (Skipper and Report Captain Dan)

The return of the sun was a welcome sight, even if it was swelteringly hot and muggy. The majority of the Cazh were on time, apart from Opener Britpop, so when the toss was lost and the Cazh inserted Lovers took Britpop’s place and opened with Cheese. Llanarth’s team consisted of a couple of first teamers, a couple of older players and the rest 16/17 year olds and a 13 year old. The field was gorgeous, but the wicket started well, but started to break up quite quickly. Cheese started with a single, and Lovers started with a 6. Unfortunately Ed’s innings was cut short after just 6 balls as he played at a wide one and was caught (1) at slip. 10-1-2overs. Goff joined Gareth and played a ‘holding’ position or not hitting any runs tactic. However, this was partially due to the bowler swinging in a mile and was seaming as well. Gaz interjected with a couple of 4’s.

Lovers was looking good until he chipped one to mid off (29) in the 10th over. 39-2. Britpop had by this time turned up and made his way to the middle. He and Goff battled along until the 13th over and Goff unleashed with 3 4’s in succession. Darren then had an altercation with a wasp who had made Darren’s glove his home whilst he was waiting to bat, the wasp waited 10 minutes before deciding to unleash, stinging Darren a number of times on the hand. Britpop battled on, and hit a lovely cover drive before being bowled for 9 in the 17th over. 66-3. Steveo was next up and worryingly had been suggesting whilst on the sidelines that he had been watching a bit of cricket on tv and was thinking of trying to nurdle rather than slap…however, it was Goff who was next to fall bowled for 21. 66-4-18overs.

Top nurdler, Shakey was next in and watched as Steveo tried hard to emulate him. It was Shakey who took on the good bowler coming down the hill and hit a lovely cover drive for 4, but two balls later chipped one to point (7). 81-5-20overs. Paul joined his Steveo, hit a boundary, before going onto blocking mode against a leg spinner who was getting bounce up the hill. Steveo perished shortly after being caught (3). Shag next in. The Cazh were looking in a sorry state, so Llanarth brought on a bowler who I assume had never bowled before as he proceeded to bowl a 13 ball over. The problem being that he did occasionally bowl a straight one…In his 2nd over, it was going the same way as the first, but Paul got frustrated and played at a wide one and was caught behind (5). 98-7-24overs.

Winkie joined Shag and the pair tried to at least get to a defendable total, until Dan tried a defensive prod against the returning opening bowler and found the ball popping back to the bowler (14). 118-8-29overs. Andy F and Winkie tried to stay there for the remaining 10overs prodding an poking the ball around, until Andy H played on a low one from down the hill (9). Richie last man in decided to go large from the off and was caught first ball top edging it to mid wicket, leaving Andy F beached at the other end. 140ao. At least the total was pushed up to a sort of defendable total, though no one was happy with their batting display.

Ed – 1 ct
Gaz – 29 ct
Goff – 21 b
Darren – 9 b
Steveo – 3 ct
Mark – 7 ct
Paul – 5 ct
Dan – 14 ct
Winkie – 9 b
Porno – 9no
Richie – 0 ct

And top scorer extras with a handy 32.

Tea was taken and cleared before the Cazh were back out on the field.

Winkie opened down the hill and struggled with the large foot hole that had appeared at the crease. With the line a little wayward, the batsman had a swish and managed to get off to a flier taking 13 off the first over. Shag bowled up the hill and evened it out with a maiden. Winkie found his line and length in his second and tempted the batman into a drive which he nicked and was excellently (if a little surprisingly) caught by Steveo behind the stumps. A wicket maiden. Shag got the next wicket first ball of his second over a ball rising sharply and again taken by Steveo! Suddenly the smiles were retreating on the boundary. 13-2-4overs. Andy and Dan bowled superbly and halted the big number 3 from scoring (although the book says he started with 2 4’s and apart from the 1st over only Dan got hit for a 4 in the first 12 overs….strange) anyway, after 12 overs Llanarth had only managed to score 25.

Lovers took over from Andy and Shakey from Dan. Gaz started with 2 maidens, whilst Shakey started with 2 deliveries that defied belief, the ball pitched, bounced high and turned about 3 foot. This was going to be interesting. Infact he managed to get an edge which was taken by Steveo, but not given. The 2 overs later the big number 3 looked to have been run out by a sharp piece of fielding from Ed, taken by Steveo, but the oppo’s chairman umpire didn’t give it. This prompted Gaz to put in an effort ball and managed to strain his side and had to be replaced. Which was a great shame as he was bowling very well.

At drinks Llanarth had struggled to 50. It is here that the scorebook looks to have been stuffed a bit with an over being attributed to the wrong Stephens brother. Either way, Paul started with a maiden, and Shakey started with a wicket caught by none other than Steveo! This brought in a batsman we would have liked to have kept in, but Shakey’s following over he could resist taking the caught and bowled. Paul continued to bowl very well and got his reward with Richie taking the catch at mid on. This brought in the a big teenager who clubbed a couple of 4s to cow corner.

On asking how many overs Shakey had left the reply was 2 from the scorers which couldn't be true, but was taken so Shakey finished his 9 over spell. Goff took over from Paul and Ed from Shakey. Both bowled very well, and the fielding continued to be excellent restricting the scoring shots. Ed was hit for 2 6s by the big number 3, but come back with a wicket maiden getting the teen. Suddenly Llanarth were struggling. With 4 overs remaining Llanarth required 22 for victory. Winkie came back on and fist ball bowled the big number 3. The game was well and truly on. Ed followed up by bowling the No8. With 11 required from the last 2 overs with 2 wickets remaining, the Cazh had to continue their fine bowling and fielding performance. Unfortunately Captain Dan misfielded a top edge down the hill and spun away from his hands for 4. Bollocks. The final over 5 was required. Ed took on the job, and the young batsman squeezed 3 singles. 2 for a win from the last. The field was shifted slightly but the batsman rocked back and clipped a match winning boundary to finish the game. Defeat snatched from the jaws of victory, though given the score the Cazh would not have bet on such a nail biter.

After playing in games where we have won of the last ball, however frustrating it is to lose in such a way, hats off to the young lad who won it for Llanarth and will surely remember it for quite a while.

The Cazh must be praised for a fantastic bowling and fielding display, everyone gave 100% and never stopped chasing down the ball and putting their bodies on the line.
A friendly game on a superb ground.
Well done all.

Winkie – 8-3-28-2
Dan – 6-2-10-1
Gaz – 4-2-6-0
Mark – 9-1-37-2
Paul – 5-1-19-1
Goff – 3-0-10-0
Ed – 5-1-27-2

11 extras (6 wides, 5 byes)



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