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Match Report vs Hockey 22 June 2010@ Llanrumney (Skipper Dan, report Cheese)

On a day where it was warm everywhere else, Llanrumney had its normal cross wind taking the shine off a lovely evening. Again it looked important to win the toss as the strip looked like another Llanrumney wicket that was going to deteriorate rapidly. Dan lost the toss and Hockey chose to bat.

Dan opened the bowling and after a fairly routine first couple of balls, the opener decided to waltz down the track and plough the ball through the mid wicket for 4, twice. The rest of Dan’s spell was back to the expected only conceding 9 more runs off the remaining 3 overs culminating in bowling the opener.

Dion open from the other end and went for two boundaries in his first over as well but again fought back well and picking up the wicket of the other opener in his second over bowled and getting their captain to miss time a drive that was well caught by Dan at Mid off.

After 8 overs the caz was in a very health position of having hockey 42 for 3. Though with the out field proving once again the batsmen best ally, it was no time to take the foot off pedal.

The next 12 overs have merged into my head of the ball sailing over DT and Steve-o heads for 6. Hockey’s number 5 put on an almighty batting display hitting 9 sixes. I think who ever bowled those overs where going to get punished and Muff, DT, Goff and Steve-o were the brave souls stepped up. In no way do I think anybody gave up but sometimes you play against a batsman in form and he has one of those days.

There were highlights though Shandy taking a good catch in the covers off the bowling of DT and then DT returning the favour for Muff, catching an absolute steepler out at Mid-on. I think DT’s catch must be in the running of the catch of the season. Also Ash managing to injury his arm while standing at slip!

At the end of 20 overs Hockey had finished on 207.

Bowling stats
Lewis; 4-0-18-1
Warwick; 4-0-24-2
Foote; 4-0-54-1
Thomas; 4-0-45-1
Day; 2-0-29-0
O’Rielly; 2-0-38-0

If it’s of any consolation to the bowlers the byes have not been recorded and as good as Kim is, I think he would let some through.

On to the batting a bit of strong point for the caz this season and although a record would have to be broken to win, I do not think it was out of reach.

Easy and the cheese started the innings for the caz with the cheese looking to make up for dropping a sitter off Steve-O in the last over. The pair started solidly with 13 off the first 3 overs before the cheese decided that a push to mid off was worth a run only for the throw to be pinged in and direct hit to run out the cheese for 9.

Kim was in next with everybody hoping to see him to clear the rope, Kim started steadily with only a single off his first over. The he flicked the switch and decided boundaries where need and started with a six that went twice as high as it went long. This continued with varying degrees of success until he miscued one to mid off out caught for 15. Easy was still caressing the ball around looking for the easy single, one of these singles turning into a three, though this caught up with him in the next over, playing a tired shot and being caught at midwicket for 7.

This brought the partnership of Shandy and Steve-O together. They held together for 4 overs with both players finding the boundary but also running the singles. The partnership was broken by a crawler taking out Shandy’s leg stump gone for 10.
In came Goff and was tied down by good bowling and was caught at point trying to release the shackles.

Steve-O looking for another big shot was caught at mid on off a suspicious of a no-ball for height but not given. In my opinion the umpire was right not to give it.
With Goff and steve-o going in rapid succession this brought another new pair together of Muff Shagger (sorry forgot the and). As Dan entered the fray there was a quick conversation about hanging around for Muff to reach his 1000th run for the club. This plan came to an abrupt end when Muff middled one that was screaming to the boundary only for the bowler to stick out a hand and hold on. Great catch even if the bowler knew nothing about it.

Dion and DT entered the arena and left without troubling the scorers.
Ash rather than seeing his Captain left stranded struggled out to the middle to see Dan smash a couple of 4’s and then get caught in the deep.
All out for 85.

Batting Stats
E Stewart; Run out 9 (1x4)
C Ryde; Caught 7
K Swain; Caught 15 (1x4; 1x6)
S Hand; Bowled 10 (1x4)
S O’Rielly; Caught 15 (2x4)
G Day; Caught 4
M Foote; Caught 1
Dan Lewis; Caught 9 (2x4)
I Warwick; Bowled 0
D Thomas; Caught 0
A Akibari; DNB

Not a great game, opposition did not settle down even after it was quite clear they were going to win. Move on.


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