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Match Report vs Chartered Trust 17 June @ Wenvoe (Skipper Muff, report Paul)

Ok, this is going to be a very short match report so don’t blink.

They won the toss and Dion got smacked for 27 off his 2 overs, Steve went for 8 off his 2. Jb went for 11 off his 2 and Mahesh went for 29 off his 2 overs which contained 20 balls, there were issues hitting the prepared strip for Mahesh and also issues with the keeper Will with his Greg Louganis impression. Meanwhile the 2 openers retired.

Tesh and Goff were next in the firing line, Tesh bowled some decent ones and got the blond Mohring out stumped by Will for 20 and Goff got the brunette Mohring bowled for 8. Goff bowled well and was a little unlucky to go for 19 off his 2. Tesh went for 17.
Dev came onto bowl and only went for 14 and did a good job; I went for 14 as well getting some guy out for 6 JB taking a steepler at point, a good catch. Another guy retired at this point. Muff went for 12 off his 2 with only 2 and a very well taken catch by Goff at long on by the fence in the final over.

Chartered Trust 157 for 4 off 18 overs with 26 extras and a massive 20 wides.

I am going to linger even less on our innings, as you may have gathered by the bowling we were a little thin on the ground batting wise

1st wicket – Steve for 0, 3 wild swings in the 2nd over after a maiden, the 3rd one was on line and bowled him.
2nd wicket – Goff for 2, bowled by 1 that moved away
3rd wicket – Tesh for 0 run out after the ball was hit directly at square leg, a suicide run.
4th wicket – Dion for 5 caught at cover
5th wicket – Will for 4, having crushed a slow left arm bowler for 4 over square leg he tried again and was well held off a screamer.
6th wicket – Me for 5 caught at cover having a swing
7th wicket – JR for a top score of 9
8th wicket – Raj for 0 run out
9th wicket – Mahesh for 3 caught
10th Wicket – Muff for 0 run out

All out for 41 with 12 extras in a pathetic performance that I think we should put behind us and forget about as nothing positive happened for us at all.

Even the pub was sh*t, they had the girl who can’t pour a shandy behind the bar on her own, and her performance was about as bad as ours.

Chartered Trust won by 116 runs


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