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Match Report vs Tintern 30 May 2010@ Tintern (Skipper Jam, report Cheese)

The game was a scheduled start of 14:30, plenty of time to get over the excess of the night before, have brunch, watch the morning session and get to the game. Well no it would appear not as the cash took to the field with 8 fielders as we waited for Mahesh, JB and Dev to find the rest of us.

Missing our opening bowler it was up to Pablo and JC to start us off. Pablo starting from the Abbey end bowled a good opening over but it soon came apparent the pitch had a few demons with the ball popping off a length and scurrying through in other cases.

JC took the second over from the playground end and after the first ball being sent to the boundary, the second entice a wild slash at the ball and that was well caught by Gareth over his shoulder. JC took another wicket in his second over, Mahesh doing the catching from a skier at short fine leg. JC changed ends half way through his spell and had four overs dealing with the short leg boundary. This change of ends did not suit JC and his remaining 4 overs went for 25.

Pablo’s second over was expensive with two fours, one of which was an off the hip push which raced away and out of the reach of a despairing drive from JC at square leg. Unfortunately this is what the day held for Pablo with the bad balls and in some cases the good balls being sent to the short leg boundary. Pablo did get some reward for his work with a wicket in his penultimate over caught behind by Kim.

JB took over from JC and bowled very well only conceding 7 runs of his first 4 overs. Although some of the bowling was slightly too short allowing the batsmen to adjust for the indifferent bounce. In the next four overs JB started to pitch the ball closer to the batsmen and although this seeped a few more runs, the change of length did earn him two wickets in his final two overs both bowled. Really deserved more but bowled very well again and kept the run rate down.

Foxy was up next from the Abbey end and straight away the batsmen started to look for bigger shots, increasingly picking out the short leg side boundary. The fourth ball was a long hop that really sat up to be smashed and it was, lucky for us it was smashed straight at Paul at ‘deep’ square leg, who with the reflex of self preservation held on. Foxy ended up on the wrong end of a bit of pounding on a wicket that was not kind to his bowling.

Mahesh replaced Foxy at the Abbey end and after a wayward first over pulled it back well bowling a good off side line. His tight bowling eventually did for the Tintern number four bowled for a hard earned half century. Could have had better figures but started to rack up the wides near the end of his spell.

Dev was into the attack by this time and gave nothing away in first two overs. In this third he was punished for some wayward bowling going for 15 though came back well collecting three wickets. The first well caught behind by Kim off inside edge, the second caught by bucket hands JB at Mid-on and third was a good inswinger pinging back the off stump.

Kim was behind the stumps and did very well considering the bowlers and the bounce not making it easy for him.
4 drops in the field all of them take able on a different day. 204ao

Bowling Stats:
P Stephens; 8-0-64-1
J Clapham; 8-0-37-2
JB; 8-1-22-2
J Prior; 2-0-22-1
Mahesh; 6-2-27-2
Dev; 7.4-0-25-3

The tea was good and plentiful, a special mention of the egg sandwiches which were the best of the season.

The formidable pairing of Jam and Cheese opened up for the caz, looking for another big partnership. Tintern opened with a couple of young fast ones, one hitting the deck hard on a straight line and the other skidder but slightly wider trying to protect the short leg boundary.

After a couple lucky boundaries from the cheese, one bounced on him and he gloved it behind for an easy catch to the keeper.
19-1 after 4 overs

Ash was in next and started solidly getting his eye in. Jam after struggling initially was starting to find some form. These two put a good partnership together fending off the good balls and finding the boundary with bad ones. Jam was out next trying to sweep the ball to the short leg side boundary got a top edge on to his shoulder and was eventfully caught behind for 14. Good catch by the keeper, unlucky for Jam.
59-2 after 14 overs

Gareth strolled to the crease next and with a whisper around the boundary that this could be interesting after his first scoring shot was a six in midweek. Nothing so extravagant this time just a nudge for a single. Then started a game of anything you can do I can do better, with Ash starting by pulling the ball into the garden of the house on the square leg boundary, six. Gareth responded by with what was a delightful flick of the wrists sending the ball over the longest boundary at Mid-on towards the Abbey, six. Ash finished this game by clearing the aforementioned house at square leg, six.

These two put on 58 runs in 4 overs and coming towards drinks the caz were in the very healthy position of 112 for 2 off 19 overs. Unfortunately just before drinks Gareth missed a straight one and was bowled for an innings that contained just 3 dot balls and two sixes.
114-3 off 20 overs

Kim joined Ash at the crease and the caz on the boundary settled down to watch the start of what was expected to be another devastating partnership. Unfortunately this did not happen with Ash being bowled by a crawler two overs later.
126-4 off 22 overs

Foxy was next up and settled in nicely rotating the strike with singles. By this time Kim had hit a couple of boundaries and was feeling the rhythm return only to completely miss three full toss in a row with the final one clattering into his off stump.
129-5 off 24 overs.

JC made his way to the middle ready steady the ship. Though he was left stranded at the non-strikers as Foxy contended with a hell of an over from the abbey end and was finally undone by one that shot up from a length and found the shoulder of his bat to be caught at gully.
129-6 off 25 overs

Mahesh strolled out to the crease only to see JC leave in the next over caught behind.
130-7 off 26 overs

Pablo was in next and after solid defensive shot to open his account, he dismissively sent his second ball over mid wicket for 4. Mahesh batted out the next over (no mean feat on this wicket) and took a single off the last. This was to be his downfall as maybe feeling he had to up the run rate swished at a straight one and was bowled.
135 – 8 off 28 overs

With Paul looking in good touch it was up to the J.B. and Dev to hang around for as long as they could. J.B. was first into the fray and after taking his first over solidly decided to play his part in the next, mowing a couple of 4’s to the leg side, though with style of shot it was only a matter of time and was bowled after another attempted mow.
152-9 off 31 overs

Dev was up next to support Pablo who had been playing well and sending the ball to the boundary with authority. Dev joined in on the action although maybe without the same authority found the boundary as well.

They were going nicely and a caz win did not look impossible at such a small ground, thought with a rush of blood to the head Dev danced down the wicket and was stumped leaving Pablo stranded.
176 all out off 36 overs

Batting Stats –
E Stewart (caught) 19 (3x4;1x6)
J Furnham*(caught) 14 (2X4)
A Akbari (bowled) 38 (3x4;4x6)
G Loveridge (bowled) 30 (3x4;2x6)
K Swain +(bowled) 9 (2x4)
J Prior (caught) 3
J Clapham (caught) 1
M Kannan (bowled) 1
P Stephens NOT OUT 20 (4x4)
JB (bowled) 10 (2x4)
Dev (stumped) 9 (2x4)

Annoying to lose such a winnable game but enjoyable none the less against an opposition very much in the casual vain.

Just to finish with two honourable mentions the first to Porno for teaching the two female opposition scorers the dark art of his trade and second to the spectator (who will remain un-named) who mistook Jam for Dan!!!



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