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Match Report vs Sully Spartans 3 May 2010@ Sully (Skipper and Report Captain Dan)

Another sunny day – it’s a miracle! Can’t remember if the toss was won or lost but the Casuals were fielding. In a unforeseen change of plan the overs were restricted to 6 per bowler which was fortunate as the Cazh had a few options…it was Captain Dan and JcB (new nick name Digger) that opened up Dan coming down the hill and Digger coming up. There was a very short boundary on the side opposite to the pavilion and down the slope was always going to be difficult to stop the 4’s. The pair started well, Digger’s first 4 overs were maidens, the last a wicket maiden with Pablo taking a catch at mid wicket. Dan took a wicket in his 3rd over bowling the batsman who had pulled something in the previous over and required a runner – which added much hilarity as he kept forgetting not to run. 21-2 off 12overs. Things were looking rosy.

Change of bowler brought on Steveo and Dev. Steveo took a wicket in his second over caught by Ash behind the stumps. Dev toiled away without success and was punished once an over with a boundary, but there were some very good deliveries mixed in. The opener and no5 looked comfortable and started to pick up the tempo. 78-3-22overs.

Muff and Pablo were the next pair to bowl and Paul took the wicket of the opener (51) caught by Muff in his second over. Unfortunately that brought in another batsman who looked to hit out, both Muff and Paul took the brunt of the abuse from the no5 aided by the new batsman. The fielding again this year was a below par and singles were turned into 4’s near the short boundary on the slope. 153-4-31overs.

The last 9 overs were shared between Richie, Pikey and Kim, each bowled well with out reward, and the Cazh were helped out by the no5 retiring hurt on 104 (he’d allegedly been injured before he started…). Kim took the two remaining wickets with the last 2 balls of the innings both bowled. The Spartans finished on a large total of 228-6.

Shag – 6 (overs)-0 (maidens) – 13 (runs) – 1 (wicket)
Digger – 6-4-4-1
Steveo – 4-0-24-1
Dev – 6-0-32-0
Muff – 4-0-32-0
Paul – 5-0-55-1
Richie – 3-0-18-0
Pikey – 3-0-12-0
Kim – 3-0-28-2

No tea was had as the Spartan’s had a deal with a local restaurant – the Seashore Grill, near the Captain’s Wife pub and the Cazh were promised a plentiful tea after the game. So it was a quick turn around before the Cazh openers – Kim and Britpop strode to the middle. By this time the wind had picked up and when the sun went in – it was bloody freezing, some of the Cazh took the move of watching from the pavilion whilst the rest trudged to the closest but distant boundary edge, exposed to all the elements - effectively sitting in the middle of an open field at the seaside in a gale. However the Cazh manned up...and put on n all the clothes they had, padded up, scored, umpired or worked the video camera to take their minds off the cold. Comparisons were made to Pentwyn..."Muff asked a local if the weather is always like this up here the reply was no, sometimes it rains!" Pentwyn 2005

The Spartan’s opened up with a swing bowler down the hill and moonball bowler from the sea end. The moonball bowler looked like every ball should have been smacked into the sea…however, his length was spot on and took the first wicket of Kim in the 8th over, Kim stranded on the crease trying to smack it and was bowled (12). Watching from the sidelines Muff came in and knew exactly how to play this bowler…right up until the point he tried to tw*t it, mistimed it and put it right down the throat of the mid wicket fielder (9). Pikey was in next and did exactly the same thing 2 balls later (0). The Cazh had now lost 3 of their top 4 batsman in the 10th over for 34.
After beating the batsmen for pace the devastating moonball bowler was taken off, but the next bowler took the wicket of new batsman Richie 1st ball (2). 47-4-13overs. While all this was going on Britpop was busy defending and trying to find the middle of his bat. Next in was Steveo. Steveo started unusually with four singles, but once his ‘eye’ was in he started the clubbing. Darren continued taking the singles and giving much of the strike to Steveo. The score began to increase and by the drinks break at 20 overs the score had reached 103.

Not wishing to put Steveo off as he was approaching his half century the Cazh stayed quiet during the drinks break, knowing he was better off being blissfully unaware...after the restart Britpop began to increase pace and hit a 2, Ash thinking Darren was Steveo (they looked vaguely similar given the multiple layers) shouted well done Steveo and started to clap..until the rest of the team pointed out his mistake. The hairy warrior now knew that he was very close to 50 got jittery and he began to ‘think’ about what he was doing which was destined for failure. However, 3 overs later he managed to sneak the final single required for 50. With the score on 131 after 26overs Steveo was finally out bowled (56) and an excellent partnership of 86.

Paul joined Darren and lasted 3 overs before being run out for 3. Ash was next in and survived 4 balls before being the next victim (0). Shag next up started with a 4. Britpop not realising he too was nearing his maiden half century began to hit out, unfortunately he fell 5 runs short bowled. An excellent innings and just what was required. Dev joined Shag and hit a few good square cuts for 4. The partnership lasted 24 runs before Dev was run out (13) going for a 2nd run when the ball was already in the fielders hands. Lastman Digger came to the middle and scored a 4 before Shag was caught for 12, leaving the Cazh all out for 177 in the 38th over.

Both teams were joyous to be out of the freezing cold, and made their way to the Seashore Grill, where, as promised the biggest tea of the season was provided – hot and cold, meats, pasties, pasta, sandwiches, quiche, chicken wings, cakes and salad (which was the only thing that was left!).

A good game once again against the Spartans in a good friendly atmosphere, the only thing dampening the mood was the bitter cold (and another loss).

Kim – 12 (b)
Darren – 45 (b)
Muff – 9 (ct)
Pikey – 0 (ct)
Richie 2 (b)
Steveo 56 (b)
Paul – 3 (ro)
Ash – 0 (b)
Shag – 12 (ct)
Dev – 13 (ro)
JB – 4 no



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