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Match Report vs St Fagans - 9th August 2009@ St Fagans (Skipper Jam and Report Cheese)

What a day to play cricket and good arena as well, Mr. Lewis set the tone of the day by starting with a Magners and announcing “it was alright if they are smoking”, the last bit was directed at the Ladies cricket team and more precisely their junior members of which the awaiting batsmen had a view [Ed: In Lewis's defense - "It should be pointed out that the Welsh Women's game that was being played on the adjoining pitch - as I turned up to the game an hour early (due to start time change) I had the opportunity to sit and 'watch' them for a while, and found that some were well 'developed'....I wasn't sure how old some of them were...but the thought occured - if they're old enough to smoke...they old enough (I rest my case m'lud)..." mmm - not sure that would 'stand up'...].

Not sure who won the toss but the decision was made for the Cazh to bat, I think this was more prompted by the lack of players on the Cazh side nearing the start time than any great tactical deliverance by JF (though I stand to be corrected).

To open up for the Cazh was the captain and JR, the pleasant stroll out to the wicket turned quite rapidly into a dog fight with Lennon (14year old U15 welsh cricketer) starting with good pace and nibbling off stump line that both openers played with a degree of good leaving and good luck. From the other end Jenkins started with general out swing but the occasional one that came back in though not as consistent.

The Cazh dealt in ones and twos until the 5 over where JR got a beauty that clipped the top middle and leg. In came Kim with the normal Aussie swagger and chirping (which did not stop all through the game, even when umpiring much to Ash’s annoyance). JF was going along nicely at that stage picking up ones and two’s and occasional four off the loose ball.

Change of bowling at both ends as the young fastens are only allowed 4 over spells, the run rate upped at this stage with both batsmen taking a liking to the new attack taking 12 off the first over though this reversed the next over to a wicket maiden as Kim smashed one straight to cover and was out caught. This brought Britpop to the crease for only his second game of the season after breaking his toe twice since the first game. This started a strange 5 overs until drinks, where 20 was scored but the vast majority from one end, as Lichfield the Legspinner started a great 8 over spell conceding only 10 runs. JF faced the lions share of this bowling defending and leaving with a plomb and Britpop tucking in at the other end.

Drinks 15 overs gone 69-2

JF facing the spinner after drinks was going to need a lot of concentration and started well but third ball in was bowled by an arm ball ( I hope I am right I was off replenishing the drinks at that stage) [Ed: Nope - it was an excellent 'wrongun' - aledgedly spinning 2 foot off to leg. On refelection the complete change of bowling action gave it away...said Jam (slightly pissed on a Cazh 'social' a week later)]. This brought “straight bat” Ash to the crease and gave the awaiting batsmen a rest after his constant bemoaning of an exhausting morning playing 5 a side football. This partnership never really got going with Lichfield bowling well from one end and a good line being bowled from the other. In the end something had to crack and Britpop swiped at Lichfield and was bowled.

Out strolled Mr Pike who was stuck at the wrong end for most of the start of his innings and Ash managing to find fielders with alarming regularity at the other and when he did get it through being so amazed that he forgot to call for the run. Ash and Pikey stayed together for 5 overs only adding 14 to the total but more importantly not falling during a difficult period. Until finally Pikey had one to hit but unfortunately caught Ash’s disease and picked out the fielder and was gone for a hard fought 2.

Out came Crackerjack and set about getting Ash running, though after a risky two the running went back to normal with a couple of easy jogs to mid on missed.

Drinks 30 overs gone 106-5.

Hoping for a target in excess of 150; the run rate was upped after drinks with a 10 off the over. In the next over Crackerjack was gone caught and bowled from a ball that held up on the wicket from the off spinner. Winkie was next up taking a couple of quick singles trying to get Ash moving again, unfortunately this got Ash’s legs going a bit too much and was smartly stumped off the last ball of the over.

By this time the opener Lennon had completed enforced rest and was back into the bowling attack, Winkie fended off the over managing to pick up two. Seeing the new batsman at this end the off spinner decided to bring up the field to stop the single, I think this was red rag to a bull because as the ball came down the wicket Shagger planted his front leg and sent him over cow corner for 6, the fielders were duly sent scattering with most returning to the boundary, not that this held back the runs as Shagger spanked a four through mid wicket to finish the over.

This left Winkie again battling against the fast young’un, Winkie showed a blistering array of defensive work culminating in a perfect front defensive with the only problem being missing the ball and being bowled for 7. In came DT with the usual bets being laid [Ed: This was to replace Steveo who is recovering from surgery...having one of his 'lumps' removed - get well soon Steveo!] but a good leave playing inside the line led to a bye, bringing Shagger back on strike. Not too sure about which shot was being manifested but he was beaten for pace and was lbw for a two shot 10.

With nine balls remaining it was up to DT and Porno to finish the innings which they did in style with a stand of 13 unbeaten on 5 and 9 respectively, though not without indecent. While taking a quick single something fell on to the wicket, with questioning calls from the boundary over whether it was a box, DT went to investigate, as it turned out it was something much worse, Porno’s handkerchief. Brave DT handed back the offending item and the innings was concluded. 155 – 9.

JF – bwld 36 (4 x fours)
JR – bwld 5
Kim - caught 9 (1 x six)
Britpop – bwld 11 (1 x fours)
Ash - stumped 27 (2 x fours)
Pikey – caught 2
Cracker – C&B 16 (2 x fours; 1 x six)
Winkie – bwld 7 (1 x fours)
Shagger – lbw 10 (1 x fours; 1 x six)
DT- not out 5
Porno – not out 9 (1 x four)

I have neither the words nor your time to describe the tea suffice to say the full 40 minutes was taken up eating and still the Cazh could not finish the table, that said this did not bode well for the fielding.

Rather than handicap the Cazh, the tea seemed to inspire as it was the fielding that won us the game with JR in the covers and Britpop at midwicket letting nothing through backed up by some strong arms in the outfield from Shagger, Crackerjack and Winkie. The oppo only managed a run under 3 an over from their allocation. This was summed up by a stop from Porno in the gully which was top class and when told by Ash that it was, the reply came back “I know”...

It was lucky the fielding was up to a high standard, as none of the bowlers excelled but this is not to say anybody bowled badly though I think an extras total of 25 out of final total of 119 tells its own story.

Dan Lewis – 4-1-15-1; Shagger got the break through, taking the important wicket of the left hand opener and deserved it after being smacked for successive fours after the opener was sent back for an easy single and pulled his back.

Andy Hood – 4-1-8-0; Figures again don’t show the whole story good line and pace was unlucky not to get the young opener to snick one, though he did get a full blooded drive put down by Jam at gully - it was flying.

Dave Thomas - 4-1-4-1; DT bowled a nagging line and got his man with ball that turned off the pitch and clipped off stump, good spell

Ed Stewart – 4-1-8-2; Bowled erratically with some good, some dross picked the other opener with an electrifying catch from Shagger, that is to say he was so shocked that the ball was coming his way that it looked like 10’000 volts went through him before he took a simple chance at short point, the other wicket -the batsmen holed out a full toss to Winkie at mid-on.

Darren Britton – 4-0-13-0; first over back was loose but then soon picked up to finish a solid spell, being unlucky not to sneak one through the batsmen defence.

James Roach – 4-0-22-0; Unfortunately bowled against two set batsmen and leaked a few runs with his leg side line, though good balls had the batsmen leaving or spooning the ball just short of the waiting fielder.

Kim Swain – 8-2-17-2; bowled the death overs well with no let up, collected two tail end wickets as the oppo looked to hit out.

James Pike – 8-0-23-2; Good spell of bowling had a little of everything, bowled straight with a you miss - I hit attitude which collected two wickets, had us a bit worried as he opened up the last over with a wide with the oppo needing six sixes and extras but pulled it back not conceding any runs from the bat in that final over.

The remaining wicket was a run out with a good throw from Shagger in the deep which was gathered by Kim (at the 'wrong' end) to take off the bails. Could have had a second run out but JF knocked the bails off before the ball arrived [ED: via an excellent throw from the deep by Cheese] though the umpire gave it JF called the batsmen back, great cricket.

St Fagans finishing on 119-9, the Cazh won by 36 runs good game; average batting and bowling; great fielding!
There is a cheese for every occasion

The following Milestones were reached in this game. Congratulations to:
Ash Akbari - 250 runs



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