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Match Report vs Abercarn 28 June 2009 @ Abercarn (Skipper Jonny F and Report Paul)

On a sunny warm Sunday the Casuals rolled up to play Abercarn, and a fine site it was, the ground looked easily 17 times better than some of the other pitches we've played on..even if the changing rooms were in dire need of improvement. The pitch was flat, the outfield fast enough and the boundary towards the river was about 50yards (45 meters for you metric boffins). The oppo skipper looked like a decent player (you can tell sometimes just by looking at them) and he sweet talked Jam into thinking they were having a shit year and couldn't hit a cow in the arse with a banjo.

I forget who won the toss but we had a bat with Will & Jam doing the honours. A tall brisk medium bowler opened from the rugby ground end and Will hit a boundary or 2 to the short side and Jam took most of the bowling from the council estate end from a podgy bloke bowling slow medium with plenty of variation. Jam was first out in around the 10th over bowled for 1, not his finest hour. Will was next to go for a decent 24 in a boundary or block innings caught at mid off from the fat guy. Cracker getting a nose bleed batting 3 got 10 before being run out not backing up on a quick single called by Titty the scorebook wrangler, not Titty's fault, Ed was on his heals a bit.

Titty (I like this new nickname) hit a good 25 with a few good hooks and a very well hit straight driven 4, Steve's brief appearance was marred for him by their lanky opening bowler making a remark which was not taken well, his innings ended 3rd ball for one. Stevo, next time your in work write "MUST INGORE TWATTY COMMENTS" 100 times on the blackboard. Titty was joined Easy who made his 1st runs of the season off the edge 1st ball, well done Chris. Titty was out next caught wafting to leg I think, Easy got 7, I dont know how he was out cos I never wrote it down, but at least he scored a few.

The mighty Ming played quite well I thought, he got away with the odd attempted cow bang and he saw Dewbs in and out for a Duck caught at mid on and I joined him and I stayed for an over or 3 and got 12 getting caught at cover playing too soon. Rog joined Ming and saw him depart LBW for 17 bringing Shag to the wicket with about 4 overs to go for the last wicket partnership. Rog and Shag ran and swiped for thier lives to try and get us up to 150 of 40 overs in a fine 10th wicket partnership that put some of the rest of us to shame. We scored 130 of fthe bat with 20 sundries.

Jam 1
Will 24
Ed 10
Titty 25
Steve 1
Easy 7
Ming 17
Dewbs 0
Me 12
Rog 16 Not Out
Shag 17 Not Out

Tea was plentiful, cakes and sandwiches,Tea and squash, outside the rain fell for about 20 minutes, not that heavy and were only held up for a short time.

They opened up with their 2 old pros who looked in no trouble at all off the bowling of Dan off his long run and the swing of Rog. Dan I think will admit he bowled a bit short at first and the 2 old guys picked them off for 4's. Rog got the 1st wicket, it was a bit of a surprise when one of the geezers swiped at a full straight ball and got bowled, Rog also got the next wicket with a direct hit run out from mid off, a great throw.

Cracker and Myself took over the bowling and sufferd at the hands of their 1st teamers, I bowled 6 overs for 40 odd and Ed eight for 40 odd, we bought a wicket a piece in between disappearing to all parts, I took the brunt of it and didn't bowl that well. I did get the guy who spanked me all over the place after he made 34 in about 8 overs. The figures are not exact as the book is a bit of a mess.

So they are 4 down for about 110 around the 16th over or so when Jam makes the overdue decision to replace me with Dan, Dan off his short run (not feeling great from night before methinks) and took 4 wickets, 2 bowled, 1 LBW which the batsman hit the cover off.

To everyones amazement and a great indication of father time creeping up on him Dan's third wicket was a stumping by Titty standing up.. I must admit to taking the piss a bit in the huddle, but all piss taking aside Dan got them worried a bit and even though they got them of 28 overs we made a game of it, in fact the game could have been drawn as they required 5 runs with one wicket remaining, and Rog dropped a very difficult driving catch with the scores level.

We were about 30 to 40 runs short, they clobbered Me and to a lesser extent Ed, and we dropped 2 or 3 catches but Dan did us proud and it was a decent game and everyone apart from the disgruntled Stevo (still smarting from his spat with the Lanky bowler) agreed that a fixture next year was a good idea.

And I got home in time for chinese and to watch Top Gear, so not a bad day all in all.



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