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Match Report vs Cardiff Hockey & Cricket 07 May 2009 @ Wenvoe (Skipper Muff, Report Andy F)

Typically as 6 got closer it got darker and eventually when we started it was actually raining and did so for a while and at times was heavy. Captain Muff was umpiring so agreed with oppo skip that if they came off they wouldn’t go back on so saw it through. Thankfully it got better and we finished.

Anyway we batted first with Kim and Pikey opening up against Sully man Jones who seemed unaware of most of his team’s names. He was good and although not taking a wicket only went for 5 runs. The first wicket came in over 2 when Kim pulled one and was caught for 1. 2 for 1. This brought in Manish who was trying to come to terms with the pudding. He and Pikey put on 42 together before Manish was bowled for 6 in the 10th over. At the half way stage we were 48 for 2 with Smitts joining Pikey. It was clear that extras would be plentiful.

Pikey was next to go for 15 playing what he said was a shit shot but to be fair he was just trying to get on with it. 56 for 3 then became 56 for 4 when Smitty popped one up which this time did not find a gap and was gone for 6.

Shandy was already there and Mo came in next and put his golden behind him. They put on 9 with the highlight being Shandy moaning he couldn’t hear Mo call him for a bye (although we all did) and Shandy was unlucky to be caught in the cover to one he hit really well but fell to a good catch. He did say he should have kept it on the ground!!! 65 for 5 in the 13th and Shandy gone for 2.

Rog was next up and hit some decent blows putting on 19 with Mo before being bowled for 8 trying to smack it out the park. I didn’t feel sorry for him coz earlier he was slagging off Elton John which upset me deeply. 84 for 6 in the 18th brought Doc to the crease who soon needed one as “he pulled his arse”! Sciatica was mentioned mind you. After facing four balls he retired hurt to bring in Andy H who was plum (his words) second ball trying to manufacture something for the last over. Dan walked out with 3 balls to go and then came straight back after being bowled and he wasn’t trying to cow it either. Muff by now had to hastily get himself ready and blocked the hat trick ball then managed a nice single off the last ball for a total of 89 from our 20. Mo saw it through to the end.

Pikey -15 off 20 balls in 42 mins Inc two 4s----bowled
Kim----1 off 5 balls in 5 mins-caught
Manish-6 off 37 balls in 30 mins-bowled
Smitts-6 off 6 balls in 7 mins-caught
Mo-11 not out off 24 balls in 30 mins
Shandy-2 off 6 balls in 9 mins- caught
Rog----8 off 15 balls in 13 mins-bowled
Doc ---0 off 4 balls -----retired hurt
Andy H---0 off 2 balls –lbw
Dan----0 off 1 ball-bowled
Muff---1 not out off 2 balls

There were 50 runs off the bat and 39 extras including 23 wides, 1 no ball, 8 byes and 7 leg byes and the innings began at 6.07 and ended at 7.19.

A swift turn around meant their skip hadn’t finished writing out the batting order when Andy bowled the first over from the pavilion end and Dan the far end. Dan opened his account with a high full toss for which he was no balled but two balls later made up for it and Muff took a good catch-9 for 2 in the 2nd. Dan also took a wicket with the first ball of his second over with Shandy taking a really good catch to have to go back to. 14 for 2 in the fourth. Muff came on to replace Andy and Dan again took a wicket with the first ball of his third over, this time bowled to make it 17 for 3 in the 6th. He finished with a maiden to return figures of 4-1-6-3!

Rog took over from Dan while Muff continued. Sully guy was out there now and could clearly bat and give it a crack which he managed to do once. Then came something of a rare treat, Sully guy popped one up in the air to mid off with Muff the bowler. The fielder was in a good position, he got under it well, it wasn’t that high and it was a gentle pace. I had time to say to the Hockey guys, “he won’t drop that” but he did. This was Kim and Dave would have been proud of him. Luckily it did not cost us as Dan did catch him without him adding to his score and they were 26 for 4 in the 10th. At half way they were on 28 compared to our 48.

They now had a young kid and a large bloke which meant they didn’t run as many as they could have but managed to put on 20 before the large chap was bowled by Rog trying to up the pace. 46 for 5 in the 14th. They made it to 49 at the end of that over which was 17 behind us at the same stage.

This brought another young slim guy who had taken 4 for 12 earlier despite not having played for years so he said. Shandy took over from Muff while Rog continued and suddenly the batters were turning none’s into ones and ones into twos despite the odd Chinese cut. Wides were also creeping in and all of a sudden with the odd big shot along with the excellent running we were in a spot of bother. The Hockey boys chatting by me didn’t seem all that excited for a while or maybe just thought it better not to mention the fact that from being out of it were suddenly in with a chance of winning.

After 17 overs the score was on 74 so they needed 16 off the last 3 with Andy coming back on to replace Rog the Elton hater from the far end while Kim bowled 17 and 19 from the pavilion end. After 17 we were on 81 but only managed another 8 runs.

The weather now was the best it had been all evening and you have to give huge credit to the young guys as they ran superbly and pumped the odd four and two to keep the score ticking. The equation came down to 4 off the last six balls which were to be bowled by Andy Hood. The first ball of over 20 was hit back past mid on and looked like it was going to be two but when Rog (I think) showed a clear sign of disgust it was clear it had crossed the boundary and we had lost. This was a cue for some pleasure from the Hockey boys but not too much and it was clear that they probably get far more excited when winning in Hockey.

A game we looked to be in control of for about 35 overs was taken away from us at the end. The bowling and fielding were fine but looking back despite the help of 39 extras it was probably when batting that we let ourselves down a bit and should have reached 100. That said at 46 for 5, I don’t think many people including them thought they would be the winners.

Credit to both sets of players though for playing on in the rain and it was very exciting to watch and I would think also to play in. A losing start for the Willow campaign but a cracking game none the less. Let’s hope we see some sun in Wenvoe soon.

Andy----3.1-0-19-0 1 wide
Dan------4-1-6-3 1 no ball
Muff-----4-0-14-0 1 wide
Rog-------4-0-22-2 3 wides
Shandy---2-0-13-0 2 wides
Kim-------2-0-9-0 2 wides

66 off the bat
24 extras

The following Milestones were reached in this game. Congratulations to:
Jamie Bannister - 100 overs


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