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Match Report vs Dinas Powys 04 May 2009 @ The Common, Dinas Powys (Skipper and Report Muff)

With the weather more suited to the Yorkshire Moors rather than a common in Dinas the Casuals huddled in the dressing room trying to stave off hypothermia. Muff won the toss and with a VERY short boundary on one side and an opposition of small boys (or were they far away?) and a couple of adults decided to bat (and mainly in the hope it would warm up!).

Easy and Will did the honours and will was straight into his stride taking 9 off the first over and a 6 in the next over. An attempted run by Chris might have been on but unfortunately Will had bellowed ,WAIT!!!!!!!!, five seconds before and Chris’s hearing aid was off.

Will kept on hitting the ball to all parts from one end but the kid from the other end only gave up 4 runs from his 4 over spell. Ash had joined the fray and was doing his Boycott impression well and hitting the bad ball until being bowled for 25 by a very fat man.

J.R next up and he explored his entire repertoire of shots, both of which he used to great effect. Will meanwhile fell into that old trap and got out the moment his wife and child arrived for a heavy hitting 36 caught by an excellent catch from their talented player. Shakey replaced Will and was again putting the bad ball through the short boundary and although there is no photographic evidence, he really did run a 3.
A rapid 40 partnership was brought to an end when Shakey was caught by a child called Clogg for 16. 99-4 off 22.

Pabs took over and with the need to keep our foot on the gas ran well with JR and got his eye in until exploding into child molestation hitting to all parts and was very unlucky not to get his fifty, falling 1 short. I was volunteered to tell him. Sorry we didn’t give you a shout but you were going along nicely!!! 49 in good time and the Cazh on 176 for 5 off 36.

Dan came in and mowed the meadow and was caught and bowled only to be reprieved by a no-ball only to be bowled by a very very fat man for 10. With only 1 over left Foxy with 1 and JR for a nicely paced and watchful 41 carried their bats and we finished with 203 for 6 which was about par with the short boundary.

Tea was taken, mercifully in the rugby club bar and was large and varied (the food not the bar) unfortunately cake was left. I hold Shakey responsible for this as after consuming my bodyweight in egg sandwiches I had no room for cake. [Ed: to be fair Shakey did consume 3 platefuls, though admittedly this is no where near his body weight].

Restored we donned every item of clothing we possessed and fought though the gale to the wicket. With one end being reserved for the slower bowlers DT opened the bowling and kept to a nagging line but was punished for anything short, a theme that was to re-occur throughout the innings. Bravely doing it for the team Winkie ran gamely into the breeze with the reward of taking his first wicket of the season clean bowling Mike Hunt (I kid you not) for 3.

Dan taking over into the gale then had the next victim well caught by keeper Will behind for 3 and with DT getting a wicket bowled the oppo were in trouble on 23-3 off 12.

This brought their talented player to the crease from where he never left, hitting the ball anywhere he fancied to bring up his hundred and on the verge of winning it by himself. Luckily for us once Paul had got their obdurate opener bowled it was just a question of picking off the kids and the fat men and keeping Mr Slappy off the strike.

Pabs picked up 4 for 43, 3 bowled and 1 caught by JR and got us to within sight of the win , Winkie and Dan combined for a run-out and Muff with 1 bowled (bowling into the wind which I had had no idea of how strong it was until I got to the crease! So fair bloody play to Andy and Dan for their effort) and Shakey picking up the last wicket caught by Paul the Casuals win 2 days on the trot by 26 runs.

Well done all a good job in evil weather.
Thanks to Fox for bringing the kit and to JR for taking it away.

The following Milestones were reached in this game. Congratulations to:
Dan Lewis - 1250 overs
James Roath - 250 runs


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