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Match Report vs Barry Wanderers 26 April 2009 @ Hayes Point (Skipper and Report Muff

After a win in a close opening match the Casuals returned to the Wanderers hoping to gain revenge for the last ball defeat in the last game of the season. Captain Muff was late to the ground so Pabs called the toss and the Casuals were to bowl first.

Winkie and Dan opened up and though the openers (ginger 6 hitter from last year, and a.n other) looked to be positive the score was kept in check. Muff and Pabs took over with Muff getting the monkey off his back by bowling ginger! The score was still just creeping along at drinks but after the scoring increased not helped by some truly woeful fielding and (not )catching by the Cazh.

The Wanderers ended their innings on 170 when 130-150 was more realistic. The Casuals opened up with Jamie P and Steve’o hoping that Steve would get us off to a flyer which up to a point worked but unfortuanatly Steve was undone by the constant sledging from the new keeper that the Wanderers had. The keeper did his level best to ruin the game but in the end our awful batting ruined the game with no-one able to stay in long enough to ever get near the target.

The Casuals ended all out way short of victory. Apologies for the shortness of the report but there really is nothing else to say. We played crap and if our fielding is going to be this bad for the whole season we are going to lose way more games than were going to win.

Wands batted first with the odd rain break- they score 171 for 4 in 40 overs

rog-8-2-32-1 (stumped Smitty)-------1 wide
Dan-5-0-21-0--------------4 wides
muff-8-0-19-2 (both bowled)--------1 wide
Pabs-8-2-26-1 (caught Rog)-------3 wides
Andy-8-0-47-0--------3 wides
shakey-3-0-23-0-------2 wides

there was 1 bye 19 wides and 1 leg bye

they had two scores of 31 plus 29 and 38 not out included in the total

Casuals batting

Stevo-16----------20 balls 29 mins with two 4s---caught
pikey-11-----------38 balls 51 mins with two 4s---caught
jr-1----------------14 balls 17 mins---bowled
rich-4--------------9 balls 10 mins with one 4-----caught
shakey-10-------39 balls 41 mins-----caught
smitty-5-----------20 balls 25 mins with one 4-----bowled
andy h-11--------21 balls two 4s-----caught
pabs-14-----------19 balls 36 mins with one 4-----run out
dan-0-------------6 balls------caught
muff-8------------24 balls-----caught
rog-5--------------4 balls with one four ----not out

total of 115 all out in 36.3 overs 32 extras

wkts fell at 34-44-48-53-67-73-85-87-107-115

We lost!


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