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Match report vs Caerleon Crows 8June 08@ Wenvoe (Skipper Rich, report Andy F)

Unlike last Sunday there was no doubt that we would play today (even Wenvoe) and a lovely sunny day it was. They turned up with ten, Rich lost the toss but they put us in anyway and Shakey and Ash padded up while I got excited with my new pack of twenty pens.

The opening bowlers were Ragu and Tiger who were very tidy. Ash managed a four before being deceived by the slower ball and did a Goughy and was caught and bowled by Tiger for 5 with the score on 12. Next man in was also the next wicket to fall and was Tesh who also scored a cracking straight four plus a single before being bowled by Tiger for 5 also, with the score on 24, both partnerships worth 12. “I played a shit shot” said Tesh.

Captain Rich came in to join Shakes who was going along quite nicely despite surviving one chance at the other end. The pair put on 21 when change bowler for Ragu, Amit who was bowling leggies had Shakes LBW in his second over. Dewbs was the umpire and despite Shakey claiming it pitched outside leg, Dewbs was clear that it had not. A far more difficult one to call than last Sunday. Either way, shakes had gone for 23 and the score was 45 for 3 with Shakey hitting his 14th four of the season he told us after. He also knew exactly how many runs this season of course.

45 for 3 became 45 for 4 as Richy was caught by Tiger at mid off with a stupendous catch off the bowling of their skipper Evans. Getting there was difficult enough but to then take it low down one handed meant that the skipper was very unlucky to be out like that at our level. Richy gone for 9 and we now needed some stability.

Unfortunately only 6 more runs were added before Rog was bowled by Amit for 6 as he said he expected it to turn but it didn’t. 51 for 5 became 55 for 6 when Claps was also caught Tiger bowled Evans at mid off but this time a far more straightforward catch and Jeff had gone for 4.

Dewbs and Andy H were now out in the middle and the score was at 73 when we lost wicket number 7 which was Dewbs bowled by Evans for 6. Dewbs words were “I really don’t know what happened there”, and now we were well in the mire.

Foxy managed to run a 2 before being caught behind off Evans but didn’t walk. Did you hit it we asked and he said “yes an inside edge”. So then we asked why he didn’t walk and he said “well I wasn’t sure”. Answers on a postcard please. 83 for 8 in the 28th over. By now I had left my pens but they were in good company as Smitty doing their book was on hand and was even becoming quite protective over the orange. Dave Thomas I noticed was pacing up and down more than usual and this I realised was because of our low score and was feeling under a spot of pressure to perform so I reminded Dave that it wasn’t his fault that our top 9 had not really fired.

Dave hit a lovely straight four which I am sure made him feel better. Andy had a life when he hit one in the air but the fielder quite clearly didn’t get turned on when this red thing came at him. Unfortunately he didn’t last too much longer when bowled by Morley for a well made 22, second top score and only two had made it in to double figures.

This brought me in to face one ball at the end of over 31 so we still had plenty of overs to go. Dave was handling the bowling easy enough although his lack of calling was making me uneasy and when he did call I thought I may be turning into Foxy or Shakes as I could hardly hear him. The object of the exercise was to stay there to the end and eek out as many as possible but when new bowler Prince was given a bowl Dave could not resist it and he took a swipe at the young lads one and only ball and we were all out for 104 in 33.1 overs. Not good.

Shakes 23 – 3 fours and 47 balls
Ash 5-1 four and 8 balls
Tesh 5-1 four and 15 balls
Richy 9-1 four and 21 balls
Rog 6-1 four and 15 balls
Jeff 4-1 four and 9 balls
Dewbs 6-1 four and 20 balls
Andy H 22-2 fours and 39 balls
Fox 2-13 balls
Dave 6-1 four and 10 balls
Andy F 0 not out and 10 balls

Despite only two double figures scores and nobody reaching 30, 9 of us hit a boundary. There were 16 extras.

Tea was prepared by Fox and despite at first glance not being that huge was in fact ample and the sarnies were some of the best I have ever tasted so congrats Fox although you don’t quite have the glamour of Mrs Tesh!

A small total to defend which was a topical discussion on the forum this week. Andy opened up against the opener John Dennehey who I played against last week when defending 113 and he ended up 17 not out after 32 overs while he let the other two as it turned out get on with it. I was having a sense of déjà vu as he did much the same as his partner was far more aggressive. One thing I didn’t hear him say last week was well bowled but many a time he did this afternoon as Andy bowled a truly excellent spell with little or no luck. Amit the other opener hit nothing in the v but either cut or used his wrists to play into leg. Some of his cuts were off the stumps but most effective it was. Jeff was again just Jeff as last week and any week he plays, miserly.

Andy had one off the edge past keeper Stephens (I wont dwell on that too much, Dewbs took over after 20 to give his knees a rest) and then Jeff couldn’t get down to save it going for four. Andy bore no grudge though and in the next over took a stunning catch low down at square leg to give Jeff and us our first wicket with the score on 23 and Amit gone for 17.

This brought Tiger to the crease and it was a long time before the next wicket fell. We bowled well I thought, it was just that they didn’t have to do anything except stay there. Andy, Jeff and Rog bowled very well indeed with Rog reminding me of Michael Clarke more and more (maybe not so much when batting at the mo). Dave, despite Tiger coming down the track at him and trying to smack him only went for one boundary. Fox came on in over 27 with only about 24 needed but proceeded to remove the steadfast Dennehey with one he gave plenty of air so at least it looks a bit better in the book.

Tesh bowled one over which went for 14 as Tiger saw the end was in sight and decided to try and get it over with quickly. It was over in the next over and to be honest it was one of the most uneventful Sunday games I have ever played in with two fantastic catches being the highlight (not that Richy thought so). We did not apply ourselves with the bat although credit must be given to their bowling. I thought we bowled well against some very good and different types of players but we needed wickets and we never really looked like taking them. Their best bat and big smacker didn’t even need to bat. Our fielding was the usual mixture of excellent then lousy misfields and Andy H dropped one a thousand times easier than the one he took but overall we were ok, we just needed to put more runs on the board and it was quite obvious from along way out that we would lose.

Andy H 7-1-27-0
Jeff 7-0-12-1 1 wide
Rog 6-0-19-0
Dave 6-0-18-0 2 wides
Fox 1.4-0-13-1
Tesh 1-0-14-0

I wish I could make it sound more exciting than it was but I can’t. No fanny playing tennis to distract us and Smitty spent the second innings reading his book so I think that says it all. Tiger bowled 6 overs for 13 with two wickets, took two catches, one of which was outstanding and then finished on 47 not out. They had a tiger and we just had a wily old fox. Never mind, I dont mind losing but to put up more of a performance would have been better. Plenty more games to come though lads, I am sure nearly all will be more eventful than this.


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