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Match report vs Barry Strollers 11 May 08@ Wenvoe (Skipper and report Dan)

On a glorious sunny day, the Cazh turned up awaiting to see what batsmen the Strollers had brought with them, things looked decidedly gloomy at the sight of their 3 recognised players. Still hearts were immediately lifted as Tesh and Mrs Tesh ferried creates of food from their twin axle flatbed van.

The toss was negotiated and both captains more than happy with the Strollers batting first (even if the Cazh would fry in the field). Stand in captain Dan opened the attack and the ‘mood’ for the afternoon was set four balls in, a ‘good’ delivery to RJones was send with interest beyond the boundary into the next field. The spirit of the game was also set, with Dan risking his own crown jewels and future generations of Lewis’s whilst ‘hurdling’ the barbed wire fence in retrieving the ball!

Dewbs opened the other end and began better with both batsman looking to get their ‘eye in’ before starting the punishment. After 6 overs the Strollers had strolled to 52, and the following over saw RJones hit his half century, and the first wicket fell….D Fiddler calling an optimistic run, the ball went straight to JR who threw to Shag, and (unfortunately) Fiddler was the first to fall (4). 57-1-7.

Dewbs was replaced by DB at the goalposts end and began loosely with a leg side full toss which was dispatched to the longest boundary. DB did then find his form and helped ‘pin down’ the oppo (not literally, though this might have helped) with usually 3 or 4 very good deliveries per over. Shakey took over from Shag after the 12 over. Shaky too, started with a leg side full toss which was thumped rather than guided over the shorter boundary. He had much better success against Oram who continued to look to prod to the legside rather than go for any lofted shots. The 100 was brought up in the 15th over. The 20th over saw the opportunities arise, DB induced RJones into a(nother) lofted drive towards the boundary, however Shag in the deep saw the little speck of a ball, getting bigger by the millisecond, hurtling towards him at pace decided that it was going to carry, went for it, took it, then dropped it (to his annoyance and pain). Two balls later RJones looked to cart another to the squareleg boundary, Easy lunged his hand out and almost took a blinder, instead saved a certain boundary. DB’s next over saw him drop a caught and bowled chance.

Shaky had been having a bit of success stopping the batsman from launching the ball towards the Penelope Keith bungalow, and when not bowling full tosses also stopped them from hitting sixes over the legside boundary as well. He was replaced by Kim (who had swapped the keepers gloves with Dewbs at drinks). Kim wasn’t to be spared the might of the willow, also getting carted for a six in his first over. However in his third, after just being dispatched to the boundary once more, a confab with Captain Dan, a couple of field changes and instructions to only bowl it on leg (to save the loss of another ball into Ms Keith’s garden), next delivery clean bowled RJones’ leg stump (140). 198-2 after 28 overs.

Foxy meanwhile had replaced DB and it was early in Foxy’s second over that saw the chance to remove the other main bat, with a mis-judged leg flick which ballooned it’s way to DB at squareleg. DB seeing the ball drifting towards him, set off to make the 2 paces that would see him take a simple catch…however, the gods were not smiling, first managing to trip on the carpet of a square, then looking round to see why he’s slipped, now on his knees caught a glimpse of the ball still ambling towards him put is hands out and failed to allow the ball to hit them. This took Oram onto his half century! Foxy did reap the rewards a little later, firstly JR took one close in on the off side, then two overs later, Richie suffering from exhaustion from chasing the ball on many occasions to the boundary – to see it trickle across the line, took a wonder catch on the rebound off his chest….there was a lovely ‘thud’ as his hit his rib cage, fortunately his hands weren’t far behind to take a very good catch. 208-3 (30 overs). The Fox finished off with bowling one of the younger members of the opposition. 218-5 (32 overs).

Shag came back for his remaining two overs with no avail. Tesh replaced Foxy and Richie replaced Shag. Tesh kept them guessing with varying line and length, whilst Richie from the Bungalow end had the very difficult job of trying to stop Oram from carting it over the short boundary into Penelope’s garden…it didn’t quite work out…Richie bowled the most consistent line and length I’ve seen, but it was of a line and length that Oram very much liked, the first over going for 2 sixes, and 2 fours. New balls please. JR was asked to bowl the last but one over, and demonstrated why he should be the Casuals strike bowler – 2 ball, lbw…, 3rd ball wide, 3rd ball lbw…., 4th ball wide, dot, dot, bowled. (the …’s cover the explanation of the lbw decisions). 278-8 (39 overs). Tesh bowled the last with 2 balls remaining Oram when for a second run too many and was run out by a Shag direct hit (110). 280-9.

Shag – 8-0-46-0
Dewbs – 4 -0-31-0
DB – 8 -0-52-0
Shaky – 5-0-32-0
Kim – 4-0-27-1
Foxy – 4-1-17-3
Tesh – 4-0-27-0
Richie – 2-0-30-0
JR – 1-0-4-3

Mr and Mrs Tickle making their tea debut and after the spread provided will be encouraged to do it again!! A brilliant tea (Tesh foolishly believing that he had made too much) a well balanced diet of sandwiches, pizza, pork pies, sausages, crisps and many, many biscuits and cakes – topped off (as it were) by Foxy’s strawberries and grapes.

Many of the Cazh were not particularly interested in returning to play until the tea was completely finished off, but Shaky finally readjusted his belt and made him way out to the middle with Easy. The first over saw the cazh blast out of the gates with a 10. Next over saw the Cazh being reeled back in with the departure of Shaky playing a very slow delivery a week too early, the ball not bouncing and settling against his pads – the only question from umpire Richie was was the ball going to actually reach the stumps. Shaky out lbw (7 ). 11-1-2overs. ‘Shooter’ JR made his way to the middle. He and Easy played well to keep out the quicker bowling from the Strollers and the very very slow bowling from the other end. The partnership was finally broken with Easy being bowled (10 ). 36-2-12overs. Kim next in. JR was next to fall in the 14th bowled for 9. 38-3-14overs. Richie joined Kim and stuck around for a while before being bowled by another that rolled rather than bounced (3 ). 60-4-19. Tesh was the next victim of the no bounce and was bowled not long after (1) 70-5-21overs. Shag next in played 5 dot balls in a row before letting go, fortunately found the gap. Kim was next out caught (36 ) – including a six of his own. 88-6-25overs. Dewbs joined Shag and with the first target of 100 in their sights Shag was caught after getting another top edge which the bowler gathered (14 ). 98-7-29. Foxy failed to trouble the scorers bowled (0 ). 100-8. DB and creamed one through the leg side for 2 before being bowled (2 ) – Dave had said “it didn’t make any difference that it didn’t bounce – I was literally no where near it” – to be fair it looked as though he hadn’t seen it – or had seen ‘something’ else – as whatever he was swinging at certainly wasn’t the ball.

Big Hitter Andy F made his way to the middle, ‘fresh’ from his 83 no for the Wanderers the previous day…Andy assumed the role of anchor man, as Dewbs played some delightful cover drives and kept the board ticking over. It looked as though we would finish not only over halfway but without losing all our wickets, however we were only half there with Andy F being bowled the last delivery of the game..146ao. Dewbs finishing on a career high 28 no.

An enjoyable game that I wish everyone who took part enjoyed, there was little expectation of a win before the start of the game, but the target was to enjoy a leisurely game of Sunday cricket and for all to actively participate in, which I hope everyone did. Everyone gave it their all in the field, and didn't give up even if the main task of the day was retrieval.

The game was played once again in a jovial good spirited manner between both teams. Huge thanks go to Tesh and Tickle for providing an excellent tea. I vote they do it again!


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