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Match report vs Frampton-on-Seven 21 Sept 08@The Green, Frampton (Skipper John, report Shakey)

The 2008 season finished just after 6pm in the uncommonly pleasant and clear surroundings which we have missed far too much this season. The sun shone all day, tea was good and plentiful, there were batting heroics and collapses, a solid bowling effort, some pleasureable quick singles on display and a few moments of pure hilarity. Life as a Casual can be good.

Jam thought he had a good batting team at his disposal and the Frampton XI looked a lttle on the young and keen side so it was agreed that we would bat first and to even things up we would reverse the batting order! Sometimes on a Sunday its hard to to get volunteers to open but today it was easy - our normal 10 and 11 strode to the wicket.

The wicket looked interesting - it always does. Some were destined to creep, more often than not they would fly but at least the boundaries were short and we played the normal 4 and 6 rules so the batsman had a chance and who better to face the first ball! was Dave!!!

After five uneventful deliveries, where it was rumoured he did involuntarily move his feet once, Dave smote the last ball of the over to off for 6 to loud cheers of surprise and mirth from the burgeoning crowd. It was his first 6 for the club with the next one now due in 2020 at this rate or when Halleys Comet next visits [Ed - there was also a caught behind appeal on the second delivery, fortunately the umpire (pushing for his own century) didn't hear it and DB was as normal with a bat hand, clueless. There was also debate on if the 6 made it to road boundary, but the same umpire gave it...couldn't see either...but still - an excellent achievement by DB!]

Otherwise the first few overs were quite uneventful with Dave failing to call, Dan failing to run and the Frampton attack largely bowling straight. Dave's departure for 11 (caught) in the 6th over brought winky to the wicket but he didn't last long, caught smartly at cover (obviously short cover given the size of the wicket) for an undeserved duck. Was this the beginning of the cazh wobble at 30-2 off 8?

It looked as if Paul has decided to play positively and he looked far more comfortable for it, using his feet to get down the wicket and and hitting three 4s and a 6 in what turned out to be our best partnership of the match before he was caught going for one too many. 70-4 turned to 80-5 when Tesh was bowled by a good 'un.

Our very own pinch hitter, one Daniel Lewis fresh from licking the tables at the Romilly the night before, has been steadily going about his business and was the backbone of the entire innings. Model defensives, a swish and a grin, a thump and nonchalant insouciance at the efforts of his batting partner were the hallmarks of Dan's productive and vital knock. His innings of 63 contained five 6s and five singles with a few drops along the way. But when he was finally out caught at 117-5 it was clear Dan was pleasured though a little disappointed to miss out on his highest score.

Goughy and Shandy moved the scoreboard along as Cayless and Evans applied some meaningful pressure. But our momentum ebbed away as Goughy went for a harsh lbw (15), Shandy was bowled for 19 and Muff and Manny failed to hang around. At 150-9 Jam joined Shakes at the wicket in an effort to use up the last few overs but we could only muster 165 all out with Jam unbeaten on 9 [Ed -this aprtnership was to decide the top scoring Batsman of the season-Jam 13 up at the start and also finishing that way].

Tea was good, varied and plentiful (thank you Mrs Cayless) and the cazh now had to turn in a better bowling display after a pretty disheartening collapse.

Muff and Shakes opend up and bowled pretty tidily. Straight was always going to be good on this wicket and it had to be if our new keeper Shandy wasn't going to do himself an injury chasing wides. Shakes got the breakthrough, getting his hands under the ball off a straight drive before proceeding to land on top of the ball and his hands to complete an improbable caught and bowled. The ball luckily escaped serious damage. Shakes also picked up the hitter batting at number 3 with a rank doughball which Tesh caught well at long leg. After 10 overs Frampton were 21-2 with Muff very unlucky to be wicketless in his spell of 5 overs.

Manish came on and bowled the opener with a quicker ball in his first over but then Cayless and T O'Dell staged a fightback. Cayless was the more positive of the two and played some very pleasant drives. Tesh, Goughy and jam bowled without any luck as the Frampton score moved past 100 although they were still short of the rate.

The crucial wicket was taken by winky who Jam had decided to bring on perhaps to make sure things didn't get too interesting. Manish took a good high catch at mid-on to get rid of Cayless for 58 and Evans was soon after lbw to Mr Hood to leave the Frampton innings in a spot of bother.

Winky was taken off after 2 overs and the tail was then dispatched by Paul (2-4) and Dave (2-17) off four catches with a smart accurate throw from Goughy also getting a run out. But perhaps the highlight of the day was the sight of one of the Frampton youngsters, keen to copy his hero Pietersen, trying an ugly switch hit off Paul. He missed the ball by a proverbial mile and it proceeded to slam harmlessly but loudly into his helmet to the obvious enjoyment of the fielding side and the spectators in the pavillion and the pub beer garden. Even Pablo grinned.

Frampton closed on 130 all out in the last over so that the Casuals ended the seaon won 14 lost 14. A most pleasant and enjoyable day out.


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