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Match report vs Branksome 28 July 08@ Wenvoe (Skipper and report Muff)

A day of glorious sunshine ended the moment we drove to wenvoe.
The pitch was wet but as the sky cleared we were hopeful of getting a game in. the oppo turned up and it was a bit of a shock to see a bunch of fit, young athletic looking blokes wearing matching shirts making their way to the dressing room.

We got under way and it became apparent very quickly that we were in for a major ass kicking as the left handed opener took us apart from the off, one shot inparticular almost killing the umpire as it sped to the boundry. the oppo spotted that we were shite and gave the lefty out run-out to the only highlight of our night, a superb throw and direct hit from rog, when he had made his ground by about 3 feet! I won't bore you with any figures, all 8 overs completed got spanked and i've never been more glad when the monsoon hit wenvoe calling an end to proceedings before we were seriuosly embarressed.

We retired to the pub for some sausage and chips which the oppo devoured with relish (and curry sauce) leaving the casz to fight over the chips and bread.(Now Iknow how the oppo feel when we come to town!). All in all a pretty miserable evening but at least we didnt have to chase the ball for 20 overs!


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