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Match report vs Barry Strollers 27 July 08@ Bry-y-Don, Dinas Powys (Skipper John F, report Andy F)

Here I was again at Bring a Dong as I was the previous day in the heat but this time the changing rooms were not open and we only had 10 men, at least yesterday we had the indoor shade plus 11. Not a good start and after a few wasted phone calls to the council we started a bit late a decided on 38 overs which seemed a bit bizarre to some but at least we won the toss and batted. There was some speculation as to who would bat at 3, Kim turned it down, Dave said ok (I witnessed it) but in the end it would be Andy Hood after Shakes and JF.

I will keep this brief. It was a slow start (Shakey took 21 balls to get off the mark) and at 20 we were 71 for 0. Dave and Claps were discussing their day yesterday at Status Quo, Dan was getting a tan as umpire, Steve was out there too for over 20 (Dave was hiding), Kim was also walking around with top off, Claps has very white legs, Steve was trying to get to grips with LBW and being hit outside the line, and I was on my own scoring with my pens. Shakey fell just after drinks for 26 from 61 balls and 71 mins in similar fashion to Wenvoe last Tues.

Winky came in and scratched a bit to start but then got going and the strike was now rotating all the time. I said I would be brief and I will. JF got to 50 off 74 balls though we are not sure he noticed as he didn’t raise his bat so I am told. I know Dan didn’t notice that’s for sure as we clapped for the 150 up and Dan asked is that Johns 50? He was on 90 at the time. He reached 50 with a 6 and 100 also with a 6 off 105 balls so his second 50 took him 31 balls. His third 50 which I didn’t even notice as I was trying to keep up with it all also came off a 6 and took him 120 balls so that took all of another 15 balls and he added a single to finish on 151 not out and Andy H on 37 not out to finish on 237 for 1 off 38 overs and a record second wicket stand. Shakey also knew exactly how many JF was now on for the season!!! A monumental innings by the skip. After facing 40 balls he was on 12 and after 60 balls he was on 27. There was one moment late on when he was nearly stumped but Dan didn’t give it (I thought he had his bat down) and Dan had a bit of stick so I am told. Dan had been out there for about 36 overs I should add, and Andy should have been stumped but apart from that no real chances although I think Shakey was dropped earlier? Steve was gagging for a bat and Kim now wished he had batted at 3. Dave was also heard on the boundary to say that his catching has only been shit “this year”!!! Anyone wish to comment please!!!!

The circumstances were awful but despite this tea was fantastic and they must be thanked, especially Mrs Fiddler for her efforts. Water was most welcome.

Despite the big score we knew game was far from over especially with only 10 men. Dave Goodway (he got Shakes out and yes he is son of) and our nemesis Rhett opened up. One now plays for Pentyrch 1sts and the other Sully 2s at the mo. Goodway is known as Quincy as he is studying forensics so I am told. I say this as I am a Quincy fan so instead of having a nickname like that I get called Porno!!! Says it all I guess. I will just do the music in my head now. Question, what was Quincy’s first name? Anyone?

Anyway I will be brief, Dan (with dark glasses) and Clappers opened up. After 10 overs they were 88, 20 they were 136. Kim dropped a really hard one at long off and also a caught and bowled which he said he should have caught although most of us wouldn’t have got there. Steve should have had a stumping from Dave’s first ball but sadly fucked it up although his commentating was great from behind the stumps. Dan dropped one at long on and before the ball had hit the floor turned around and threw his arms in the air to groan, he was not happy camper. Some of our fielding was ok, some good and lots of it f*cking crap!!!!All the chances were off Rhett while Goodway was more controlled although Andy will tell you Goodway was LBW.

The only light was a caught and bowled for Shakey during a strange period where Rhett (who had now passed 100) was trying to give Goodway the strike as he needed 7 more but were running out of runs to get. Goodway instead popped it back to Shaker for 93 but it was all over in the next over anyway. Target reached with 5 overs to spare.


`MS 26 -2 fours
JF 151 no – 20 fours 7 sixes
AH 37 no- 3 fours


Andy h

They were 130 no. 93 and 1 not out.

It was hot, only two wickets fell on a pitch that was difficult for new batters and not for cutting or pulling I would say which seems amazing, the skipper hit one of the all time Casz knocks and they won with 30 balls to spare. I rushed this so please feel free to add change anything etc!!!!


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