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Match report vs Glamorgan Centurions 23July 08@ Llantwit Fardre (Skipper and report Muff)

Though we had to follow steve'o to the ground we actually made it with only the one stop for directions. On inspection the pitch was flat the wicket as hard as concrete and the outfield was HUGE. We were directed to get changed in what from the outside looked like a small prison but was infact quite a well appointed dressing room.
With skipper for the night muff looking to continue his 100% win record(of 2!) the toss was made and muff decided to have a bat.
Pabs and Steve'o opened the innings against the oppo skipper and a player i have in my notes as "the mouthy bugger"

Both bowlers got a bit of movment especially the skipper who was swinging the ball a fair amount and at a fair pace and the openers struggled for timing. Pabs was first to succumb skying a drive to mid-on (18-1). This brought Tesh to the crease so we were looking forward to a little slap and tickle(sorry). Unfortunatly Tesh got a beauty from their skipper, yorked for 1(19-2). With some work to do Ming strode imperiously to the crease only to see Steve'o yorked by the skipper for 12(24-3). Richie joined by Omar did not last long and perished to a "hoik" for 0 (24-4) oops.
this brought the Gough to the wicket and with his new found form with the bat we hoped for some kind of recovery.

And recover we did. Helped by a change of bowling and some excellent running Sharif and Simon slowly but surely gathered the runs and it has to be said played some glorious drives and pulls that went for 2's rather than boundrys due to the large outfield of long grass neither player getting full value for their shots but running hard to keep the momentum going.
Dan came in for some abuse from the oppo for not giving a couple of run-outs which from the boundry didn't look that close and sharif managed to survive 2 run-out shouts at both ends to the same ball but other than a drop off sharif a chanceless and energetic stand of 80 had got us back in with a chance, Simon finally out caught trying to hustle the score along for a well constructed 42. Muff joined sharif in the middle for the last over and a bit and ran about a bit to make the final score 115-5 - Muff not-out 4 and Sharif a well played but knackered 26 not-out. Doc,Rog,Dan and Nads dnb's.
A quick fag and back to work with a chance if we bowled and fielded well on a slow outfield of getting a result.
Nads opened for us down the, slight, hill to a right/left combination but it didnt faze him at all, bowling with pace and movement had both openers in trouble and bowled brilliantly at the lefty swinging the ball in and getting seam back away he deservedly bowled him in his 3rd over.
T he standing umpire , who didn't play in the oppos innings, gave a very harsh off side wide against Nads and skipper Muff (keeping) informed him that we were very generous on wides for thier innings and was promptly told to shut up and let him be the umpire! Nice!! What is it about keeping wicket that turns quite respectable people into raging maniacs?
Shag from the other end bowled a superb line and length and was just too good for them and didn't get the wicket he deserved and his 2 spells only going for 7(their right hand opener gave me a right mouthfull for bringing Dan back into the attack-he couldn't lay a bat on him and was scared stupid!).

With the oppo going nowhere slowly Jamie took over from Dan and was straight into his line again making the ball leave the batsmen and again most his deliveries were just too good and yet again failed to take the wicket his bowling deserved, the batsmen playing and missing countless times. As it turns out it probably wouldn't have mattered if they had got an edge as poor old simon who had come on in place of nads had 2 piss easy chances put down by Muff behind the stumps. this is only the 3rd time ive kept and it now makes 3 times i've dropped an edge off simons bowling!!! Idid swear alot and throw my gloves about but it didn't make me or simon fell any better although he did pick up 1 wicket bowled for his trouble in what was an excellent spell.

By now the oppo where well below the asking rate but with plenty of wickets in hand i was sure it was only a matter of time before they let loose. So to help them along i introduced Doc and Pabs who in their 4 overs picked up 7 wickets to, it has to be said, shocking batting. Matt got 4 3 caught, Ming taking a good sharp chance, sharif and steve'o the others and 1 bowled doing the batsmen in the air.

Pabs bowled his usual mix of twirly stuff taking 3 and at one point was on a hat-trick and really should have got it but for the most lethargic effort to take the return catch! Muff finally contributed to the game with a stumping off Paul a one run-out via a stumpy-muff combination and a catch by Shag off last the ball the innings was over. All-out for 64 from 55 for 3.

nads 4-1-18-1
dan 4-1-7-0
rog 4-1-12-0
simon 4-0-14-1(sorry,sorry,sorry)
doc 2-0-9-4 !
pabs 2-0-2-3!!!!!

Well played all and we are now officially on a winning streak!!!!!!!!


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