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Match report vs CBBies 22July 08@ Wenvoe (Skipper Goughy, report Rog Bannister)

Both teams arrived to the hallowed ground and were greeted by glorious sunshine. I think the skipper Goughy lost the toss and the CBBs put us in to bat.

The Shakey-Hand duo opened up and batting against some good straight stuff started relatively slowly...first runs coming from a shot we all love to see Shakey play, his patented dab which trickled for four. The pitch seemed to be playing quite well for Wenvoe, with more bounce than usual. The opening spell went by without much to shout about, the score 20/0 off 5. Just when we thought that the opening batsmen had seen off their openers without trouble and were finding some confidence, Shandy was bowled immediately after thumping two fours, scoring 9 in total.

This brought Roachy to the crease, with the run rate looking a touch slow. First ball he decided to try to kick through midwicket, with the ball coming off the winner. Roach took a breather for a while and the rest of the team were debating whether or not to go on with some magic spray. In the end no-one did and JR got to his feet. The next debate amongst the team was whether or not a runner should go out there for JR, but he decided for us when he took a quick single...foot mended! JR wasn't out there much longer though and was bowled for 1. Score after 8 overs was 35/2.

This brought Ming in, fresh from telling us which dead actresses he wanted to have his way with. After his first few balls defended, Rich twatted a certain four towards long on only for Shakey to show his best piece of fielding to date by stopping it at the non-strikers end.

Shakey was going along nicely until he didn't quite get hold of one, stuffing it down the throat of point. (16). 39/3 off 9. Halfway stage and we simply hadn't scored enough. Dewbs entered the fray and fresh from his PB on Sunday, immediately started taking singles and rotating the strike with Ming(e). The pair hung around until the 14th over when Dewbs was bowled by Clarke for a hard worked 7. 58/4 off 14.

Manish came in at no 6 and tried to up the run rate. After a few singles, he too succumbed to Clarke and was bowled for 4. 72/5 off 16. Our old foe Imran bowled the next, and I think its fair to say bowled an over of 'shit', but managed to bag Rich (played on) who made a solid but a touch slow 18, and also got Winky (again luckily) also played on after getting a quick fire 3. 78/7 off 17.

The last over also saw a wicket, with the batsmen looking to go for it off the last ball. Dan was run out going for one too many, scoring 4 in the process. Goughy finished not out for 7. Final score 88/8 off 18.

Shakey.........18 (26 balls)
Shandy.........9 (15)
Roachy.........1 (6)
Ming.............18 (28)
Dewbs..........7 (13)
Manish..........4 (7)
Goughy.........7* (4)
Andy H.........3 (3)
Dan..............4 (4)

Goughy gave the team a stern talking after taking the field and it was clear we needed to bowl well defending a small total. Winky opened up from the pavillion end and was his usual self really, getting some good carry, putting it on the right spot and making life difficult for the batsmen (One of whom was large, and the other a borderline may have just been distorted with the size range..). Manish opened up from the other end and got the breakthrough in his first over, Mini-Me top edging one high, with Goughy running in from behind the stumps to take the catch. After these two finished their three over spell the score was on 19/1, Winky going for a very tight 2 runs off his three.

Shagger took over from Andy and DT from Manish with the batsmen seeming to be finding their feet. In Dan's second over, it came good for him and he got two wickets in a row. Both bowled, the second perhaps having more pleasure due to the fact it was the 'vocal' player who fielded near the tennis courts for 18 overs. After he went I said to Dewbs he didn't look very comfortable taking his stance to which he replied "Rabbit in the headlights".

In the mean time, Goughy had swapped the gloves and pads with Manish who took over behind the stumps. In Dan's third over, their batsman hit it towards Roachy who performed a diving stop. The non-striker shouted yes, then changed his mind and sent the striker back, who returned to his crease. At the same time, Roachy had fielded the ball after rolling around and returned it to Manish. Manny then took the bails off as the striker went for a wander cos he assumed the ball was dead. After an appeal, and the square leg umpire asking if it was a genuine appeal he gave the batsman out, much to his annoyance. He was not a happy bunny and threw his bat and pads around a la Steve-O when he got to the boundary. His own fault...shouldn't have gone for a wander (ed - debate followed as to 'in the spirit of the game'....still on going?)! The two bowlers finished their spell with the score on 53/4 off 12.

Rog and Goughy bowled the final 6 overs, with the CBBs behind the required run rate all the bowlers needed to do was keep it tight. They went for 3 each off their first over, Rog missing two cathing chances but Goughy bowling Imran in his. Imran wasn't too happy either, calling our keeper a gobby twat to which Johnny F replied which one! Rog went to start his second over after a discussion with Goughy and Dan, the tactic being to let their number three take a single and bowl at their tail. Rog ignored this and decided to bowl him instead. After 16 overs the score was 66/6, the CBBs requiring 23 off two. Goughy and Rog tied the game up by restricting their batsmen, Roachy taking a good run out in the 17th over, and Goughy getting two more bowled to leave them 78/9 after 18, 10 short.

Andy. H - 3 (overs) - 1 (maiden) - 2 (runs) - 0 (wickets)
Manish - 3 - 0 - 16 - 1
Dan - 3 - 0 - 17 - 2
DT - 3 - 0 - 15 - 0
Rog - 3 - 0 - 12 - 1
Goughy - 3 - 0 - 10 - 3

Amazing spell from Andy really set the tone for our time in the field. Casuals win by 10 wickets, we all go to the pub and eat crisps, salty pig rind and drink beer.

Good times.


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