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Match report vs Chartered Trust 14 July 08@ Wenvoe (Skipper John Furnham, report Steveo)

An away game to the team that had the league cruelly snatched from them by a combination of bad weather and the labyrinthine statistical deviancy concocted by the willow mandarins promised to be a test for an out of form and somewhat disgruntled Casuals. Although it has to be said that, despite the scuttling grey clouds crossing the Wenvoe sky and the damp dead pitch it therefore promised, our boys were in fine fettle as they took to the field. The mood enriched by a rejuvenated Mr Gough, fresh from his connubial activities honeymooning in Sri Lanka (he had such a good time he forgot to get himself a bargain cricket bat, so no wood for stumpy then!). The newly married Mr G bounced around like a grey haired Tigger and quickly padded up for his wicky duties as the Casuals took to the field.

The oppo weren’t quite so quick to join us and time was ticking by as the openers and umpires gradually dragged themselves towards the uninviting square. Perhaps they were meandering in contemplation of what so nearly might have been, much as the Lost Boys stare in at the window of the Darlings bedroom and dream of a real home, before dashing back to never never land. But eventually the league runners up joined in for the start of the shield contest.

Openers Craig M and J Griffiths fared well against decent bowling with Craig m the obvious dangerman. First wicket fell in the 5th over as Hood (who was as miserly as ever) took out the support act Griffiths who had only contributed 2 of the 20 amassed. Obaid s in at 3 duly perished in the 8th (for 6) off (it has to be said) a bit of a dough ball from new Casual Darren ‘the Dazzler’ Britton who seemed a little bemused by all the open space and didn’t quite match up to his indoor promise; don’t worry Dizzy, you’re not alone, lets hope you get used to the track and get your eye back in. The high drifting ball greedily snatched from the air deep behind the bowler by a balletic Paul Stephens diving high and far to his left for a spectacular catch of athletic genius. Oh all right, it fell right down his throat and deep into the bucket hands of the statuesque fielder, but we were all delighted anyway.

Another couple of overs and with the score on 62 off 10 the greedy opener Craig finally perished to a run out. The book is unclear but it appears to be the Original Dough Boy Dave bowling and if I remember it was ‘Omar’ Shariff who chased down a ball and got in a good return to rob the CT pair of a second run and a good batsman. Excellent cricket and proves the value of chasing every ball.
[ i could have got that completely wrong tho' as we had another run out later, stumpy feigning a catch - i.e missing it, tempting the batsman who was scuttled by a thrilling on target chuck by winky Hood).

At this point we were quite happy, although the run rate was accelerating (from 34 off 7) the game was balanced and we were jolly in the field, much banter in evidence despite your author being rather hoarse and unable to contribute as loudly as usual. Our mood buoyed by the 11th over loss of two bats as Matt Davies bowled No. 4 Huw (for 8) and No. 5 Robson quickly came and went (unlike Goughy on honeymoon who quickly came but hung around afterwards… sorry simon). CT 65 for 5

But from here our mood darkened with the skies as the 6 & 7 (Steve and Dale) put on 64 runs (41 & 23 respectively) as our bowlers struggled to find the obliging track and the bats helped themselves. As ever the Wenvoe lesson is ‘chuck it up’ and let the track do the work.

CT 135 off 18 overs

Ov / Ms / Runs/Wkts
Hood 3 1 2 1
P Stephens 3 0 21 0
M Davies 3 0 10 1
D Britton 3 0 42 1
D Thomas 3 0 18 0
S Karim 3 0 36 0

And so a slighty apprehensive Casual camp prepared for batting as we knew we had let the total walk away a bit. But with Furnham and Vyas to the fore we had little to fear surely? How cruel a game is cricket. As the No. 3 O’reilly returned from a quick piss (lucky that’s all it was) he was forced to continue directly to the field as the Skipper most uncharacteristically found himself walking back after the first ball, bowled (cooper) for 0. ARSE. Thus O’Reilly was in feisty mood as he took to the strip and was frustrated by the wily bowling of cooper. Fishing for the ball he lamented the lack of wide decisions and very rudely remonstrated out loud to the poor umpire, to whom he belatedly and somewhat sheepishly apologised later. Uncasual and indicative of the frustrating situation, tho that is no excuse. Eventually he found the ball and hit a couple, including a sweet six back over the bowlers head, but perished foolishly to a lazy bat as he played on. Much unsavoury language rent the air asunder as he trudged home, followed by his bat and gloves in all directions. O’Reilly bowled for 10. This was the 5th over and only 20 amassed, so the Young Gough strode forth with much resting on his slim shoulders. He strode quickly back again having had no trouble shirking that responsibility with some ease. Gough c&b Hancock for 0. Manish had been painfully trying to keep the team together but by the 9th fell bowled Sadiq for ten, which sadly proved to be joint top score (bettered only by 13 wides).
Of the rest, Britton lbw for 1, Holliday bowled 3, Karim r/out 7, P Stephens caught 5 (good catch), Hood bowled (going for it) 5, M Davies Not Out 6 with D Thomas Not Out 0.
Cardiff Casuals 61-9 off 18 overs.

Cooper j 3/1/15/2
Hancock 3/0/12/1
Dooley 3/0//16/1
Sadiq 3/1/3/1
Morris 3/0/8/1
Moring 3/0/6/1

Little consolation for the CT who must be smarting still after losing the league in that fashion (your author did mention as much to them as they were batting!). But they were flattered by the casuals on this occasion. A nice bunch of chaps who put up with our banter and who will hopefully face a more forceful casual camp next time around.

Banter in the pub centred on who you would and wouldn’t in Corrie (it was on the telly) and we decided that Rita was now out of bounds. Also of note was Richies new nick name, Ming, due to his face fuzz (not his merciless batting) and O’Reilly then rather unfairly became his nemesis ‘Mong’, a situation only relieved when Ming gained an ‘e’ to become … well you get the picture!

Stroll on another loss, lets hope for a good weekend.

... And keep on smiling


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