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Match report vs Rhiwbina 12June 08@ Wenvoe (Skipper Goughy, report Andy F)

Dark clouds were hovering around Wenvoe but as Pikey was absent they managed to mostly keep the rain off during the game. Captain Gough won the toss and elected to bat so the Tintern opening partnership carried on from where they left off. Big Willy and Shakey both looking in fine fettle and despite the usual Casual panic from the sidelines that we were not scoring at ten an over, went along very well. We were 37 off 5 with Shakey hitting the first pull shot Kim had seen him play.

Shakey was first to go though, he had a life when on 16 but couldn’t really make the most of that and only added 5 more before being bowled. 38 for 1 in the 6th over and job done from Shakey with 21 from 20 balls. Manish was in next and he and Big Willy added a superb 45 before Big Will was run out going for his second. The fact that he dropped his bat didn’t help and despite the usual jokes of the “QE II turning” Will had also done a fine job with 28 off 34 balls. 83 for 2 in the 14th and a big score was on the cards with plenty of wickets and good bats in hand. The highlight of the partnership was the running (or at times lack of) including some fantastic groans from both men making it sound like certain type of movie that only I watch.

Smitty was in next and managed 4 off 8 balls when he popped one in the air to cover. I would say taking one for the team but I don’t think he would play any different anyway. If Smitty didn’t come off there was a good chance that Kim, Shandy, Goughy etc who were in next would. 96 for 4 in the 17th and license to smack.

Manish had been going on quite nicely before flicking one to square leg for an excellent 32 off 40 balls including 6 fours. This took us to 108 for 4 in the 18th with 16 balls left. Those 16 balls brought 40 runs.

Over the past few years when scoring I have sat with many an oppo when they are batting and I have to say we are one of the worst teams for giving ourselves stick. However, when it comes to Kim (who is as we know quite opinionated while sat with his pads on) you can’t really argue as he usually does what he says. He hit his first shot for 4 then went 1142.364264 and yes someone did moan when it was the one and only dot. Shandy did everything asked of him at the other end with 8 not out off 7 balls and suddenly the game which was probably out of reach for the oppo was now a no contest. 148 in 20 overs with Kim not out on 37 off 12 balls.

While batting the conversation included such topics as sex with cats, being pissed on by a 14 year old and the Ebbw Vale bum rub which I will revisit sometime soon. I have a feeling Dan might edit this bit (ed - not at all...the pissing topic was in reference to RKelly's alledged antics, sex with cats..not sure where that came from...).

A quick turn around as the rain started and what seemed like a mini tornado as they began their innings. Clayton who we have come across before wasted no time trying to get after Dan and the huge total. He hit two fours off Dans first over even though they were decent balls. The guy at the other end had a bat that was about 25 years old and I have a feeling he wont be using it again. Manish opening from the far end took a wicket from the last ball of the over with a combination of crap bat, lack of power; maybe the wind and a cracking catch from the captain running back from mid on. A really difficult catch that made him very happy as if he had just scored a goal at Wembley although I didn’t hear any shouting from my distance. 9 for 1 in the second.

Manish did not concede a run off the bat until the first ball of his fourth over (he bowled a wide in his first) and finished on the superb figures of 4-2-5-1. Dan at the other end went for a few but the extra pace meant he was easier to get away but he got his reward by having the very dangerous Clayton caught by Kim in the covers, that he would take the catch was never in doubt. 16 for 2 in the 5th and the only question was how many wickets we could take.

Andy H took over from Dan and Goughy from Manish and again it was kept very tight with the odd wide being the only real blemish. Our fielding was good (as the oppo said and that we have faith in our bowlers and the keeper is sharp) which was a most welcome change from some recent games. Shakey of course entertaining with a typical “Shakey stop”. Their skipper hit a glorious cover drive into the tennis nets (this may have been the shot that Manish kept shouting “keep going” to Kim as he chased the ball as still shouted “keep going Kim” even when it had crossed the boundary and so had Kim) but couldn’t keep out a beauty from Andy who carried on from Sunday. 38 for 3 in the 9th and Andy did the same not long after to make it 56 for 4 in the 13th. The batter said afterwards that he is quick and it’s a bit dark.

Goughy not to be outdone took a wicket with the first ball of his third over bowled their number 3 for a well made 22 but coming down to try and smack the Goughster proved his downfall. 56 for 5 in the 14th. They at this time suggested they would be lucky to get to 80 but to be fair the next pair did really well and saw it through to the end for them to reach 92. They decided to try and give it a smack to reach 100 or at least get within 50 of us.

Rog and Dewbs bowled the last 4 overs between them as they pushed on. Dewbs two overs were most interesting, the first three balls went for a wide and I think it’s fair to say they were as was one later in the over. The thing was in the last over he bowled a ball that looked like the other 5 wides he bowled, but it turned big style into the batsman’s pads. For them to reach 92 was indeed a decent effort.

In contrast to Sunday this was a really decent performance from us. Some very good batting from Shakes, Willy and Manish topped off with some outstanding stuff from Kim. Fielding was excellent and bowling tight although we did bowl 13 wides and one top drawer catch from Goughy. Dan had laid it down that this was a must win and indeed we did.

Shakey 21 off 20 balls in 23 mins with 2 fours
Will 28 off 34 balls in 58 mins with 2 fours
Vyas 32 off 40 balls in 50 minutes with 6 fours
Smitty 4 off 8 balls in 10 minutes
Kim 37 not out off 12 balls in 16 minutes with 4 fours and 2 sixes
Hand 8 not out off 7 balls in 13 mins

Fall of wicket- 38-1, 83-2, 96-3,108-4.

Dan 4-0-27-1---2 wides
Vyas 4-2-5-1---2 wides
Hood 4-1-8-2---1 wide
Gough 4-0-17-1---3 wides
Rog 2-0-15-0
Dewbs 2-0-14-0---5 wides

Several members of the team who are very slim were absent from the Wenvoe pub after because they went for food. Was this an attempt to fit in with the more weighty Casz or as someone put it “I think it’s by Candlelight”. A very good performance tonight chaps.


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