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Match report vs St Fagan’s 28 May @ St Fagan’s (Skipper and report Dan)

After the previous day’s rain it was touch and go as to whether the game was on, but with no word to the contrary from St Fagan’s the Cazh made their way to the glorious setting and the game was well and truly on. Unfortunately the main square was still suffering from the wet so we played on the Seconds pitch. As Captain Dan made his way out to the middle to ‘toss’ the oppo’s skipper explained the nature of the wicket – it was a new seed of “springy grass” and so should bounce a bit…..on winning the toss Captain Dan elected to field first. (an attempt to at least make the game last past tea and to witness the “spring grass”).

So with Winkie and BB Nadders opening the game began. After the first spell of 4 overs each the oppo had got to 41 with no loss and the Cazh were happy that the pair had restricted the runs thus far. There had been a little evidence of bounce from the “springy grass” - at least there was some bounce and no real variation but to be fair it was a batsman’s wicket. Shagger and DB took the next stint, Shag opening with a maiden and DB controlling his line and length. The batsmen weren’t giving many chances – Off Shag Dewbs was unlucky with one through slips just to his right and another to his left that he managed to get a hand to but couldn’t hold. Shag continued with a cat and mouse game in how many slips to put in, adding a second in his fifth over and taking JR out again in the sixth only to watch the ball sail through where JR had previously been….bollocks.

Tesh took over from Shag and struggled a little with line and length, but the batsman did more than have their eye(s) by this point. DB continued through his 8 overs and was rightly rewarded for his efforts in his eighth after Tesh had spilled one 2 balls before, BB Nadders taking a good catch at short cover (there was perhaps a hint of a bump ball – half the team including Dave and the batsman thought it was, others (including the umpire, said it wasn’t) – after all the batsman had scored more than enough – 70. 117-1-24 overs. By this time there had already been a ‘spot’ of rain which we played through – the batsmen seemingly happy to plod along.

Kim took over from DB and mixed up his speed and length. Tesh finished his 4 over spell and was replaced by BB Nadders again. Nadders continued where he had left off bowling very well and was rewarded by taking the next wicket bowled. 157-2 off 31 overs. At the end of Kim’s 4 over spell, Winkie was brought back on and took the wicket (2nd ball) of the remaining opening batsman (65 ) caught by DB running around from mid-on – a catch that didn’t look as though it would carry – but Dave took it very well (after a juggle). 181-3 off 34. Winkie got another in the next – this time caught by Tesh in the deep. 187-4-36. BBN had finished his overs and Shag was brought back on for his remaining 2. Winkie took another in the next over – bowled, after spilling a c+b chance – though it did go up a long way. 190-5-38. The St Fagan’s innings finished on 204-5 off the 40 overs. An excellent restriction and good bowling and on the whole - good fielding. Matt B or Jaffa as he now to be known (…) fielded very well as did JR who laid himself out like a blockade to stop the ball. Some comedy moments to note – Dewbs, after encouragement from Captain Dan chased the ball to the boundary and dived head long into stinging nettles and a plastic orange fence (unfortunately carried the ball over the boundary in the process). And BBN managed a stop the speeding ball with his foot and expertly flick it into his hand in one motion – almost running out one of the openers.

Winkie – 8=1-31-3
BBN – 8-0-49-1
Shagger – 8-1-35-0
DB – 8-0-31-1
Teshtickle – 4-0-28-0
Gobby – 4-0-25-0

Tea was taken just before it began to lash it down and so gave ample opportunity to scoff at much food as humanly possible into what could be an extended break…. On offer (apart from the usual) was a lovely spread of pizza, sausage rolls, scones and jam, superb little chocolate rice crispy things, doughnuts and jaffa cakes……of which Matt B almost cleared out….hence the new name.

As it turned out tea wasn’t extended, as the sun came out again and rain stopped. So the opening pair of Big Willy and Jaffa (with sugar levels high) made it out to the middle. A solid start was required, and it was provided – the pair hit the bad ball and defended the good one – just a shame there was quite a few of those. Jaffa was first to fall (9 ) playing the slower ball a bit early and hitting to mid-on. 19-1-5. Kim was next in and he and B.Willy moved along nicely including a 6 from Kim. Unfortunately not many of the Cazh could see it as they were all huddled in the make shift pavilion as the rain had started again (funnily at tea, Kim had questioned Captain Dan’s choice to field first as surely after rain it would be better to have the oppo batting…? – Nope, much better to only have 4 of the team shivering their socks off in the rain rather than all of us, an added bonus – if it was you rather than me!) On the plus side, if you were out there, I was told that we were graced by not one but two rainbows – which is nice….

The partnership (33 ) was finally broken with Will being caught (16 ) 50-2-14. JR joined Kim, and by now their good leg spinner was on. So it was now a case of blocking the bad ones/all of them. JR did so well for 2 overs but fell played on in the 16th (2 ). 53-3-16. Dewbs followed the trend set by JR and valiantly blocked all balls that came near him – in fact all 12 of them before being bowled by a low one (no “springy grass” now) for (0 ). 62-4-19. Spanky was next in and proceeded to clout anything that was off line. It was Kim who was out next, perhaps slightly unnerved by being hit on the jaw by a wayward incoming throw at the stumps (while Kim was still standing in his crease) – also another one to not ‘spring’ off the grass – bowled (38 ) partnership 26. 87-5. Teshtickle was next in looking to reach his milestone of 100 runs for the Cazh – a target that has eluded him for the last 3 matches whilst stuck on 99……unfortunately it wasn’t to be today as he was bowled 2nd ball (0 ). 87-6-26.

Shagger was next in and looking to play a conservative innings smacked the first ball back over the bowlers head for 4. With the mental target of 150 the Spanky/Shagger partnership seemed to pick up momentum with a few boundaries and quick running. The partnership of 34 came to an end with Spanky (16 ) knocking one back to the bowler who took a good catch to his left. 122-7-33. Winkie joined Shagger, and the pair continued where Spanky had left. Good running and a few 4’s helped the total make it’s way to the mental target until Shag went for one too many and was bowled (35 ) 145-8. BBN next in bludgeoned a four and then took a single to reach the ‘target’ 150-8-38. Unfortunately he too fell at the start of the next over (5 ) bringing last man DB to the crease. As it happened DB had said he would refuse to go out if it was raining (again), fortunately the rain held off until he was out in the middle – when started to lash it down, but with only 11 balls to go (and we weren’t sure at this point whether it would last that long) there was no way the game was going to be stopped. As it turned out DB faced half of the remaining deliveries and scored two good runs as he and Winkie completed the innings not out (2 ) and (17 ). 156-9.

An excellent match hopefully enjoyed by all, if a little wet at times, the Cazh did themselves proud – well done all. Apologies to Dewbs who umpired for 20 overs mostly in the rain…but if you’re going to drop two catches in the slips you’ve got to expect it!!!!

On one further note – congratulations are in order – Goughy who was unable to make the game, was busy proposing to his girlfriend, Emma, and in true Casuals/Goughy fashion she shouted “come one” and agreed! Not too sure she knows what she is letting herself in for as only been living together for a couple of months….but from everyone in the team - a big, warm, cuddly Cazh congratulations to the both of you!


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