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Match report vs Cardiff Bay Barbarians 24 May 07 @ Wenvoe (Skipper Jonny F, report Dan)

With a strong batting line up, the Cazh were looking to post a big total. Things started swimmingly with Skipper Jonny F winning the toss and choosing to bat. He and Goughy opened the innings…third ball Jonny F chased a wide one, swinging the bat with all his might, missed the ball and the majority of his body followed the swing in a pirouette motion – however, the one part that failed to follow suit was a pesky little rib which decided to pop out of it’s normal living space putting Big John flat on his back - immovable. After much deliberation and debate about logistics (and the refusal of the other batsman and fielders to attempt to carry him off) John got to his feet and hobbled off the field retired hurt (0 ). This effectively meant that Steveo ‘opened’ with Stumpy. Steveo looked pretty good for the first few balls, connecting well with the ball, however, the bowling was pretty good and it wasn’t long before a ‘straight one’ was delivered which ultimately got Steveo (4 ).

Goughy was next to fall getting a top edge to square leg (4 ), bringing Fred to the middle, Fred didn’t last long either – caught and bowled (3 ). After 4 overs we were 12-3. Kim and Coach Pikey looked to steady the heavily listing Casuals ship, and did so by attempting not to hit the ball – only playing when ball was on the stumps. Fortunately there were quite a few extras during this time – mainly leg-byes. The score ticked along and no wickets fell…until the 11th over when Kim played what looked like a good mid-wicket pull, but in fact simply spooned it into the hands of short mid wicket (7 ). Spanky strode out to the middle and soon put Coach Pikey through his paces by calling him for singles…one of which Spanky was screaming ‘yes’ all the way down the wicket until they were standing next to each other, fortunately Pikey finally got the message and made it home easily. Less fortunate was Spanky who was bowled out next ball (0 ). 39-5-12.

Debutant Deji walked out to join Coach probably thinking what the hell he’d let himself in for…however he played some expansive and elaborate shots before departing for 5, bringing Big Bat Nadders to the crease. After taking a few balls to find his feet Nadders quadrupled his Casuals career runs tally with a lovely cover drive for 4. Pikey by now was starting to hit out. Nadders finally fell in the 18th over for 6. Muff joined Pikey and immediately started putting the Coach through his paces by making him run a four, and calling him through for many other very quick singles. To get his own back Pikey put a stop to this ‘indoor style running’ by hitting one straight back to the bowler with Muff stranded half way down the track ‘backing up’ – run out 2. The last man was Shagger, with one ball to face –connected and scored a 4. Final score 103-8. In the end a competitive total with Coach Pikey the rock of the innings finishing on 41 no out.

And so onto the fielding. With JF effectively in the field for his captaining skills and to catch the rays, the bowling and fielding needed to be sharp. Shagger opened up and got the break through first ball – bowled (nipped back but stayed low). Third ball was the same, CBBies found themselves 2 down for 1 run after the first over. Muff opened from the other end and bowled a good line and length. Shagger bagged another in his second over this time the batsman after scoring a good 4 lofted one to Coach Pikey at mid-off – Pikey was helped by advice from Steveo who shouted (with ball still in the air) that it was a ‘dolly’ and an ‘easy’ catch – fortunately it was…10-3-3. After 8 overs CBBies were on about 40 having nicked a few 4’s off Shagger.

Deji and Nadders were the next bowling partnership and after taking a few overs to find their feet – ripped through the middle order – all bowled, leaving CBBies on 68-8 requiring 35 off 4 overs. Goughy and Kim had the pleasure of bowling the last four overs with Mogridge (the oppo’s main batsman) still in, so the bowling had to be tight – and tight it was, Stumpy taking time off from behind the stumps bowled a good line and length. Smitts on the other hand made up for missing the simplest of run out chances from a throw from Shagger (again) by stumping Mogridge in the last over (a lasting screaming appeal) – the batsman going down the track looking to slap Kim and missed…though if asked we could have held him down – (credit to the batsman who walked as the umpire wasn’t going to give it). The final wicket fell in true Cazh fashion, the batsman playing it straight back to Kim, the bowler, who unable stop it cleanly but parried it onto the stumps with the non-striker well out of his ground. Final score 90ao and a win by 13 runs.

A good game all round - good bowling from both sides and played in the ‘right’ spirit.

PS - Shag reached his milestone of 250 appearances for the Cazh....


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