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Match report vs Tynewedd 22 May 07 @ The Airport (Skipper and report Dan)

It's been many years since the Cazh last played at Rhoose, just beyond the airstrip at Cardiff Airport, and though everyone managed to find it ok, arrival times were varied anything between 5.15 and 6.20. The last to arrive skipper and Dave, so stand-in Captain Dan took the helm.

Losing the toss, the oppo decided to bat. Winkie and Shandy opened the bowling and it became crystal clear that this was not a bowling track…as the batsman went after the bowling straight away (and the majority weren't bad balls) the lightening outfield didn't help. After their 4 overs each the score stood at 60ish, with Winkie getting the one opener (a good catch by Will at cover), unfortunately not the batsman who had scored the majority of the total.

Next up to bowl was BA and Foxy, BA immediately got another break through in his first over getting 2 wickets - one bowled, the next lbw. Foxy bowled a good line and length and came close to taking a wicket (their top scorer) as Big Willy just got his hand to what would have been an excellent catch out on the long boundary, after running at 'top speed' to try and get behind the ball - still saved a certain boundary (and there was quite a few of them in the innings…). By the end of the 14th over the score was 103-3, the top scorer still in having flown past his 50 (when the team total was 68 ).

Shag and DB took the remaining overs. Shag bagged a couple of wickets (bowled) and DB (and Smitts behind the stumps) got the prized wicket of the opener stumped in the last over on 105…..- a bit of a carbon copy of the Muff/Goughy combination at Miskin 2 years ago - with secret hand signals and everything!

The oppo finished on 140-6 off 20 overs. Very few wicket opportunities were given, the only 2 other weren't converted - a Smitts fumble for a run out chance and Shandy missing out on a catch last ball of the innings on the boundary.

Winkie - 4-0-22-1
Shandy - 4-0-33-0

And so to batting, Easy and Big Willy opened up and began steadily. Will was first to fall, bowled (7 ) 14-1. Tesh next in didn't last long - in fact just the one ball - bowled for a golden. 14-2 off 4 overs. Fred in at 4 lasted only slightly longer than Tesh bowled (1 ), 15-3, bringing Smitts to the crease. He and Easy upped the run rate, Smitts in the process maiming one the oppo's younger members who did a 'Durnall' and decided to stop the speeding ball with the point of his knee….Smitts was eventually out to a very good catch at deep cover (15 ), this knock took Smitts past his first Milestone of 250 runs. 43-4-10. BA was next in and was very nearly run out first ball, fortunately the keeper fumbled. Attempting to increase the score quickly BA then charged the bowler - who in turn clean bowled him with a no-bouncer. 49-5. Shag, after declaring that he would rather bat out the overs than go for it and be all out,…. first ball - swing - dropping short of the fielder on the boundary, second ball - swing - this time making sure the ball not only reached the fielder - but (as Shandy said) put it right down his throat….(2 ). 51-6-11.

Easy's persistent innings finally ended in the next over bowled (17 ). This brought the opening bowlers together Andy and Scott, and the pair produced a much needed 51 partnership containing some lovely drives and a few lucky chips around the keeper. They finished on 25 and 21 not out respectively, making the score respectable at last. 104-7 of 20.

A pleasant evening's cricket even if it was dominated by one player, then off to the pub to talk tea tactics, past injuries sustained on the field and nicknames - none of which conversations were conclusive.

Future milestones of note:
Tesh still one off 100 runs for the club
Foxy one DNB off 50
Shag one game off 250 appearances
BA one catch off 50

DB reached and past his bowling milestone of 500 overs vs Clytha - well done Dave.


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