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Match report vs Welsh College of Music and Drama 17 May 07 @ Pontcanna (Skipper and report Paul)

This will be a quite short match report for what will become a controversial night; firstly the result was a win by the Casuals by 5 runs. This is what we all believed as we left Pontcanna Fields.

We started off on the artificial pitch (covered in tribal rantings) and our innings scorecard can be relied upon due to the diligence of Muff for most part, I agreed with the oppo captain (?) that we should bat cos they were short (I wasn’t going to argue)

Matt B and Pikey opened up (we have to find a nickname for Matt B, any ideas) a steady start meant the 1st wicket fell at 49, Pike out at backward deepish square leg trying to cowbang one of the slowest worst leg spinners (?) I have ever seen. Pikey scored 10 and was out in the 10th over. John in next, he survived the odd dropped catch and run out opportunity before being bowled going for a swipe for 3.

Matt B was out next for 35, this was a very well compiled innings with some good flicks to leg and some good drives, a very good knock. Fred joined Dewbs and was out next for 1 bowled, Fitz was out straight after, I think he was caught and bowled for 0, I’m not too sure as I was padding up. 74 for 5 in the 16th over.

Dewbs out next for 6, bowled by a full toss. I joined Shandy in the middle and took on their best bowlers, they had left until the end of the innings. Scotty made a good 8 before being caught at short extra and Muff joined me to scramble to 96 at the end of the 20 overs. I think we were about 20 runs minimum short.

Anyway, now we get to the College innings, which is where the problems start. Muff and I opened up the bowling, got no wickets but kept the runs down. Omar (Sharif - Oh how I love this club) was on next and went for 12(?) in his overs before getting a niggle in his arm. Nadeem Bowled an excellent 4 over spell taking 3 wickets for not that many runs, 2 bowled and 1 caught by Johnny F running (!) forward from mid off. Fitz from the other end took over from Omar and bowled a mixed bag although 3 wickets fell in 3 balls from one of his overs. The 1st was a run out completed by the bowler from Muffs sensible return. Matt B took a safe catch next ball at a wide’ish mid off and then a good clean bowled next ball.

Shandy bowled a few overs and got punished for the odd leg side and short ball by a left-handed batsmen. None of their batsman was what I would call useful by the way. I came back on to finish off and got an easy run out and made sure they didn’t get close.

Now we get to the iffy bit, the scorebook is in a dreadful mess for the 2nd innings, their umpires couldn’t count and didn’t know any signals and having studied the book as far as it goes none of them could score with any certainty.

The wickets are correct, Nadeem 3, Fitz 2, Shandy 1, and 2 run outs. Eight in all. Some of the totals for the batsmen do not look right, I think they gave up. Now for the bowling figures take a guess. But most importantly I think we only bowled 18 overs. I may be wrong but the book only shows 18, Muff bowled 2, I bowled 4 in 2 spells, Nadeem bowled 4, Omar bowled 2 (might have been 3 I am not sure but in the book as 2), Fitz bowled 3 I think, as did Shandy. That makes 18, count them.

If I am wrong please correct me but I don’t think so. I also am unsure how they got to 91 but I suppose I trust that more than the overs. Still they made the mistake so tough shit if they can’t count.

Another win for the Casuals (?)


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