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Match report vs Highway Hurricanes 13 August 07 @ Blackweir (Skipper and report Shagger)

The return fixture versus the Hurricanes was at Blackweir which would rule out some bowling options as we all know Blackweir is lethal with a quick bowler! On losing the toss Captain Dan and the Cazh took to the field. Muff and Shandy opened the bowling both doing very well, with Muff getting the first wicket lbw. The next batsman in had a tendency to hit to leg regardless of where the ball was pitched – though each time he connected well and Muff’s second over saw 3 consecutive boundaries – one pitched leg, one middle and one off – which somewhat spoilt Muff’s figures! Shandy, was very economical, though was unable to get a wicket. 25-1-6overs.

Muff – 3 overs-0 maidens- 16 runs – 1 wicket
Shandy – 3-0-9-0

JR and Foxy were next to bowl – JR a little worried about the shortish leg boundary, but with a mainly slow/spin attack there was no option – a legside field was set with four men on the boundary from long-on round to deep square-leg. This wasn’t needed however, as first ball JR got his first wicket, bowled. 25-2. The next batsman took up the ‘challenge’ and began to hit towards the leg- side fielders – and succeeded to get a few through – well Shakey decided to charge in from the boundary for one of them which inevitably sailed over his head, just clearing the boundary for 6 – obviously if he’d stayed put it would have been nestled firmly in his massive gut (in fairness the light was never good, and always difficult to pick up the ball). 39-2-7overs. Foxy, in only his second appearance of the season (due to rain and other Foxy commitments, such as taking on Councillor Shakey over something or other council related…..hopefully not a pie eating contest –he’s got no chance) took a wicket also in his first over – caught by JR at square leg. 42-3-8overs. JR took his second wicket in his second over – stumped by Kim ‘Thrush’ Swain (because of his constant ‘chirping’ behind the stumps). 50-4-9overs. JR also made an excellent attempt at a caught and bowled which was motoring, but at least stopped any runs!

At the half way stage the Cazh were still in a good position. The second half of their innings, the batsman continued to go for the boundaries and were aided by inconsistent line and length by JR and Foxy’s remaining overs. 75-4-12overs.

JR – 3-0-29-2
Foxy – 3-0-21-1

Shag took the next over (needing one wicket to overtake Paul for the first time ever as leading wicket taker – won’t last long!) and took a wicket first ball – caught by Foxy at cover. There was another dubious catch behind wicket – not given, though Thrush said he didn’t hit it, everyone (bar the striking batsman and umpire) said he did. No worries. 80-5-13overs.

Fredalo and Doc bowled the remaining overs. Fredalo fresh off his best (and only) figures of last week, looked to repeat the feat. Foxy was placed in second slip to stop the wides, and was straight into action for the first 4 deliveries. The over took a bit of a caning with 6’s and 4’s. Doc managed to keep the runs down in his first over, as the boundary fielders (and there were quite a few of them throughout the game) did their job. Fredalo got the break through in his second getting a caught and bowled. 115-6-16overs. Doc got a wicket in his last over a good catch by Shandy at cover. 117-7-17overs. And Fred finished his last over with a catch by Muff who made the catch look incredibly difficult, but took it well behind his head after mis-judging the line. 130-8-18overs.

Shag – 1-0-5-1
Fredalo – 3-0-39-2
Doc – 2-0-11-1

A big total, but worth a go. It wasn’t helped in the least by a heavy shower as the teams changed round, and the light which was bad to start with going almost black!
Thrush and Shakey opened the batting, Shakey off the mark with a lovely 4 to fine leg, but he was the first to fall (8 ), chopping on a low one, onto middle peg. 10-1-20vers. Big Willy was next up, needing just 19 for his 1000th Cazh run. Both he a Kim batted well looking to dispatch the bad ball. Conditions didn’t help the pair as their batting style is ‘correct’ and not naturally aerial, but the persistent drizzle slowed the outfield quite considerably. However, the pair battled on and after 9 overs the Cazh were in a better state than the Hurricanes had been at the comparable point in their innings – 58-1 (HH – 50-4). The downside of course was the Hurricanes had upped their scoring considerably in the second half.

In the 10th over Big Willy reached his milestone (the clapping and cheering for Will on the sidelines somewhat bewildered the oppo fielders), but 2 balls later he was caught on the boundary looking to increase the pace (19 ). 62-2-10overs (still ahead). Doc was next in looking for 30 to pass his milestone of 100 cazh runs, unfortunately he was to go in the 11th to a very good catch at mid-off (1 )– the fielder never looked as though he would get back to it – but did, just. 65-3-11overs (now behind!). Deji went in at No.5 (one of those who didn't get a bowl) and after playing a good leg glance to get off the mark went in the 12th – caught (1 ). Shandy joined Thrush and the pair began to go for it, putting on a partnership of 42, which included a 6 from Kim – to take him to his milestone of 10 Cazh 6’s, and Shakey giving a wide when Scott had actually hit it!

The 16th over saw the end of a good knock from Kim (41 ) as he was run out as the pair tried to take as many runs as possible. 107-6-16overs. The bowling was pretty accurate and the light was dark, but the plan was to run everything. Shag was next in, and first ball faced, a double hit off the thigh/ knee helped the ball to the fielder and aid in the direct hit that run Shandy out (14 )- not before Shandy had passed his milestone of 100 Cazh runs. 107-7-16overs. Foxy joined Shag and run the first single through cover. Next ball faced, Foxy managed to half lose his balance and half trip himself up on leaving the crease, after valiantly trying to keep upright – Foxy lost his battle and fell arse over tit (I realise it should ‘tip’-just doesn’t sound right) in the middle of the wicket – run out (1 ). 112-7-17overs. The Cazh needed 19 to win off the last over…

The indoor pairing of Muff/Shagger was reunited and the mad scramble continued. The last over was bowled to a good line and length, not allowing the pair to get the ball to the boundary, on hitting through cover Shag set off, muff backing well up the other end, on turning for the second the ball was almost in the fielder’s grasp, a mis-field gave the slimmest of opportunities of a third – which was taken – resulting in Muff being fractionally run out (2 ). JR was next and got a single, needing 2 6’s off 2 balls Shag was out next ball going for the ‘yahoo’ (6 ) and Fredalo came in for the last ball and got a single, JR and Fredalo (1 not out). 120-9-18overs.

Another exciting game with a tense finish, this time the Cazh doing the chasing, and again played in a good friendly spirit. Well done all with many milestones reached!

Big Willy - 1000 runs
Shandy - 100 runs
Thrush - 10 6's


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