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Match report vs Highway Hurricanes 06 August 07 @ Llanrumney (Skipper and report Shagger)

With the second day of sunshine the Cazh turned up at Llanrumney to play the Hurricanes. Though a delayed start, it was agreed that a 20over match could be fitted in. During the delay, the brother's Stephens turned up to watch - complete with new tripod for the video camera. Whilst setting up, a Llanrumney official presented the pair with a 'photo shoot' authorisation form - to stop them filming things they 'shouldn't' - fortunately they got around this by putting Richie's name on the form….!! On winning the toss, Captain Dan decided to bat, Kim and Easy opened. The pair started cautiously with the bowlers bowling a varied line and length. After a couple of overs Kim started to open up as the bowlers started to shorten the length and the ball sitting up asking to be hit - which Kim did with his favourite pull shot. Easy too played a lovely on-drive before becoming the first victim trapped lbw (3). 15-1-4overs. Goughy joined Kim and both looked to open up and begin taking chances with quick singles. Kim unexpectedly was out next missing a full toss, which should have been dispatched - bowled (29). 42-2-7overs. Last weeks hero Sharif made his way to the middle, his leg injury now healed and the running commenced. The same partnership the week previous resulted in a run out (Sharif) - this week it was the turn of Goughy- after calling 'come one', failed to make it home as the fielder made a direct hit (3). 49-3-8overs.

Richie was next in determined to beat his previous days score…both he and Sharif battled against the varied bowling styles, playing each ball on merit - as each ball bowled was never the same, short pitched, full pitched, not pitched. Off fewer deliveries than Sunday, Richie made 11 before being bowled. 67-4-11overs. Fredalo joined Sharif and immediately showed his intention by going 'aerial', this went fine until he was eventually caught (4).85-5-13overs. Shag joined the party (it has since been found out that the usual 'Steveo-sweepstake' was applied to Shag innings-to his knowledge no one bet 1 ball - which is nearly what it was after taking a massive slog to a straightish no-bouncing ball). It was Sharif whose wicket fell next, attempting to up the run rate for the final 3 overs - bowled (29). 111-6-18overs. Winkie was next. The mental target of 130 off the 3 overs was set, though the bowling towards the end got more accurate and difficult to get away. Shag's eventful innings came to an end - bowled (10) after being dropped twice and nearly bowled 3-4 times. Doc was in and out pretty quickly - ok, very quickly - bowled first ball, and Deji went in for a swish and finished 1 not out, Winkie 12 not out. 121-8.

With the wicket playing unpredictably (apart from the short pitched deliveries) it was suggested that a slow bowling attack should be adopted - the downside to that is that the Cazh had a seam attack…..Nadeem and Deji opened up. BBN got the breakthrough in the first over -bowled (unfortunately the figures for fall of wicket or end of over status was not recorded). Nadeem bowled a good length with just a couple wavering down leg allowing a few runs to be picked up. Deji meanwhile had a few problems the other way - not sure if the ball was swinging or naturally drifting widish on the off - either way some of the deliveries looked seriously quick and the batsman was left playing and missing quite a few. He got his breakthrough in his third over - snaring the batsman lbw whilst trying to get out of the way of a short, sharp delivery which on a 'normal' wicket would have been more chest height!

BBN - 3overs-1maiden-12runs-1wicket
Deji - 3-1-13-1

Winkie and Shag were next to bowl and runs continued to be kept low. Winkie picked up a wicket in his second over - caught by Richie at 2nd slip (he was the only slip), and Shag bagged 2 in 2 balls (the hat-trick ball passing over the top of the stumps) - bowled and the other caught by Deji at mid-off.

Winkie - 3-0-6-1
Shag - 2-0-4-2

With the score on about 40-5-11overs the Cazh were well on top. Doc took over from Shag, however the new batsman was pretty handy with the bat, and though only having one shot - played it very well, hitting 2x4 and a 6 off Doc's first over (admittedly it should have been 1 four and 6 as Shag completely arsed up when fielding the other). Fredalo bowled is maiden over for the Cazh and after opening with a pair of wides, took control and second legal ball was a yorker that hit middle. Doc's second over was much better only going for 5, Fred's second was better than the first and bagged another wicket caught by Richie. Doc took more punishment in his third, nothing wrong with the line and length, just the batsman playing to cow each ball. Fred's third over gave him his third wicket - bowled, and with the Hurricanes creeping closer to the wining target, the tumbling wickets helped maintain the casuals dominant position. Kim replaced Doc, and first ball Doc had revenge by catching his adversary on the boundary at cow corner. Fred bowled his last over and took the final wicket - bowled giving the casuals victory by 14 runs with 9 balls remaining.

Doc - 3-0-34-0
Fredalo - 3.3-0-16-4
Kim - 1-0-4-1

A competitive game played generally in a friendly spirit. Congratulations to Fredalo on his maiden bowling/wickets for the Cazh, plus good knocks by Kim and Sharif. A sound overall performance.


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