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Match report vs Blood Service 24 July 07 @ Llanrumney (Skipper and report Paul)

Ah the balmy days of summer, Tuesday July 24th, a strange warmth giving celestial body appeared in the sky and at last the mighty Casuals were to play a game of cricket, or at least something resembling it. Thank god for Llanrumney, how many times do you think anyone has said that? But thanks to the excellent staff of the university we had a dry out field and a pitch that was true even if it did resemble a mint humbug on site and played as slowly as a sand pit.

The toss was won by me and after looking at the oppo and recognising only a few of their team I decided to bat first. The only problem with this was only 8 of them had arrived, we had to lend them 3 fielders after a long wait to start the game. Furnham senior and I opened the innings against their one good player the left arm seamer who had a longer run up than many test players with about half the pace and he was let us say tardy in getting back to his mark. John and I both scored 4's off full tosses before John was out playing a back foot shot (mistake) and dragging one on against one of the slowest seamers you will ever see. 17 for 1 in the 4th over, John Furnham 5. James was in next and out almost as quickly in the 5th over for 2, also played on to a good Yorker length ball, 23 for 2 in the 5th. I went next trying to pull top edging it back to the bowler for 8, 23 for 3 in the 6th over.

Not a great start, but the best was yet to come, Smitts and Shandy were now in and put on 37 for the 4th wicket in 7 overs, Smitts played some good looking drives without finding the ropes for his 18 (7 2's, 4 1's). Shandy's 1st 3 scoring shots were 4's and he ended up with 5of them and a monstrous 6 over the bowlers head in easily his finest hour with the club. Smitts was out for 18 in the 13th over caught by the bowler at this point we were 60 for 4.

Meanwhile on the boundary, a discussion was in full flow about Tesh and his upcoming nuptials, the sanity of Goughy's other half for agreeing to marry him and the revelation that Ash bats for the other side, which is on camera by the way and can't be refuted.

Sharif was in next, he and Shandy did a fine job scoring 36 off the next 5 overs. Shandy was caught and bowled in the 18th over for 36, a fine knock with some excellent cover drives and a big six and good running. The little keeper was in next, for those of you concerned for Sharif at this point you are more than justified as a run out was coming up, the calling wasn't great and the hesitation profound as Sharif was run out for 13 in the 19th over, 100 for 6. A good knock for Omar with a boundary and some good running in quick time. Matt the Doc Davies then joined the Goughster and ran around like silly beggars for the remainder of the innings. Matt was 3 not out and Simon ended up with 18 with a shot off the legs for 4 1st ball and another massive 6 over deep square leg off a full toss over the longest boundary, thus proving my old bat is still pretty good.

Casuals 117 for 6 from 20 overs, a good effort at the end.

Now for the Blood service innings, Jaffa Brierley opened the bowling for us and took a wicket with his 4th legal ball caught at wide mid on smartly by Muff, 2 for 1 in the 1st over. I bowled the next over and after unintentionally beaming their captain I noticed their opening bowler who was also their best batsman wasn't too happy about it. There was a good chance a massive swipe was on the way so I bowled a slow off cutter and took his middle pole out about 3 seconds after he had played the shot. 4 for 2 after the 2nd over. Jaffa bowled a good spell and was a little unlucky to end up with only 1 wicket off 4 overs conceding 9 runs. I took myself off after 1 over as I guessed they didn't have much left. Tesh was next to bowl and he got their skipper with a two bouncer. Tesh bowled a mixed bag of a spell; some good balls some long hops and 2 wickets for 18 runs from 3 overs.

Dave DB Thomas bowled 3 tight overs with a maiden for 4 runs and no wickets. Doc Davies got 4 for 4 from his 3 overs, including a double wicket maiden and a failed hat trick in his first and Goughy got a good stumping, a massively dodgy LBW decision and an easy catch at mid on for John Furnham to finish off their innings.

At this stage any game of cricket is a good game and this was any game of cricket against 9 men. They were all out for 36 after 1 ball of the 14th over. Casuals win by 81 runs.


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