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Match report vs Cavaliers (Cup Semi) 16 July 07 @ Llandaff Fields (Skipper Paul, report Dan)

After the three previous fixtures being arranged and cancelled due to ‘glorious’, ‘baking-hot’ weather we’ve been having, this game was arranged and nothing was going to stop us – not even torrential rain, thunder and lightening (though there was a lovely ‘double’ rainbow – the highlight of the day). Re-arranging the venue was a necessity – unfortunately changing to Llandaff fields artificial. The captains agreed that the we would play on no matter what…..(The Cas skipper – perhaps should have added a clause – “we’ll carry on no matter what,….unless we can’t see the ball...and/or are in trouble...and or lose wickets quickly…(though this had nothing to do with the rain!)

Winning the toss Skipper BA decided to bat, and with a strong batting line up, and the fact it was pissing down – there were no complaints from the rest of the Cazh who were hiding under a tree. The opening pair was Kim and Jonny F, with Kim facing. Kim decided to show the bowling no respect and tried to ‘twat’ every ball, though only managed to ‘tickle’ one, JF connected with a few.3-0-1. Second over, 2nd ball Kim continued with his ‘slash and burn’ technique, this time it was the turn of ‘burn’ - clean bowled (1 ). Manish joined JF and solidly defended the first delivery, played over the top of the second – bowled (0 ). Goughy came to the crease and was undone first ball by one that swung away forcing him to play across his body (0 ). So there we have it. 4-3-2overs. Man-in-form – Smitts was next in and managed to bludgeon some of the wider deliveries. However progress was slow as the Cazh couldn’t afford to lose wickets. JF was next to fall bowled (12 ). 25-4-6overs. Steveo walked to the crease and too started to ‘have a go’. His partnership with Smitts almost doubled the score over then next 3 overs until he was also bowled (12 ). 49-5-9overs. Shagger was next in and though starting ok, went for a big one, didn’t get hold of it and the fielder at long-off managed to take it at the third attempt (it was still pissing down). 57-6-10. Winkie joined Smitts and the pair put on the Cazh’s best partnership of 50 before Smitts had to retire (at 40 as per the rules) in the second to last over (44 ). Muff went out looking to run, and run he did and was stumped (2 ). Paul finished with 1no and Winkie on 22 no. An admiral recovery from the disastrous start. The four batsmen who managed to get into double figures taking the credit (JF, Smitts, Steveo, Winkie).

At this point the rain stopped and the sun came out – as though there had been no rain at all – well apart from the saturated pitch, players, bags and scorer. With a defendable total the Cazh took to the field with vigour. Unfortunately, so did the Cavaliers. BA decided to open with Manish and Kim, the batsmen looked to hit and run from the off and they succeeded – smashing 35 off the first 4 overs. A catching chance was squandered off Kim by BA. Goughy and Muff took the next stint, Goughy struggling to find his line let alone length (3 deliveries didn’t pitch…on the square) and was ‘relieved’ of duty after one over, Muff had better success without reward. 69-0-7overs. BA replaced Goughy and got the break through with JF taking a simple catch on the on side. 73-1. There was also a simple chance for an easy run out but the Cazh failed to take it. Shagger/Winkie combination entered the fray with the Cavaliers needing 34 off 9overs – a breakthrough was needed. Many lbw appeals were made though none were out, and the batsmen looked very much at home at the crease. 92-1-13. Foxy and Steveo were next on but the cavaliers wanted to finished the game as soon as possible and did so 9 legal deliveries later. 113-1-14.3overs.

A disappointing performance by the Cazh losing again to the cavaliers in the cup semi. A few batsman did the biz for the Cazh, but bowling and fielding on the whole was bad…in places shocking!!! Still we all managed to have a laugh and a pint in the Halfway afterwards – which unfortunately still has not replaced the ‘cracking barmaid’ of 6 years ago…

Well done to the Cavaliers who took the opportunity and comprehensively destroyed the Cazh. Good luck to them in the final. The Cazh are able to reap (or should that read rape?) revenge in the Shield as we play the Cavaliers first game up on Thursday (obviously dependant on the crappy weather)


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