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Match report vs Sri lankans 17June 07 @ Wenvoe (Skipper Shakey, report Dewbs)

This game took place a while ago, so I apologise for any inaccuracies…

It was an overcast but dry day (if you can imagine such a thing) on which the mighty Casuals took on the Sri Lankans at fortress Wenvoe. Captain Shakey lost the toss and the Sri lankans were opted to bat.

Shagger and Muff opened the bowling and bowled well. Dan’s first over went for one extra, and Muff struck with only his fifth ball- a tidy caught and bowled leaving the Sri Lankans 6-1 off 2 overs. Shagger then took his first of the match, clean bowling Niluka for 15 in a wicket-maiden over leaving the Sri Lankans 22-2 off 4 overs. It should be noted at this point that everyone in the field was knackered- already. Shakey was insistent on tinkering with the field on a ball-by-ball basis, pointing here and there and shouting “not there, more orthodox!” leaving some bemused. There was talk in the outfield of mutiny and Pikey and Stella had bloodlust, but I don’t mind telling you now that come tea time all 11 men and Stevo’s hair did leave the field intact. Anyway, a much needed 43 partnership then ensued for the Sri Lankans despite some good lines and rather varied lengths from Rog and BBN. Winkie came on in the next change and was bowling the red thing at the stick things really well and even managed to hit the stick things in his third over; removing their remaining opener for 20. The Cazh then started to tighten the noose, disciplined bowling from the Doc in particular reeled the Sri Lankans back in to 71/3 off 20.

Just as things were going well the skipper thought he'd be a tit and brought on Dewbs to bowl. First ball was a dot and then… “YES”… cried the batsman as he began to open him up like a can of beans. Dan came back on and got rid of Ananda who scored 8 runs in what felt like a lifetime. Remind you of anyone? Sri Lankans on 104/4 off 29. The book then gets a bit, well, there’s not much there, but I can tell you BBN came back on and took two wickets, one clean bowling Siva who made 55. There was also a run-out, no idea who inflicted it, but well done whoever you are. We all laughed when the skipper brought Dan back on for a 1 over spell and the Sri Lankans finished on 147/7 of 35 overs (moan).

My bowling figures have been omitted because it’s my report and you can’t stop me.

Foote 6-0-33-1
Lewis 6-2-9-2 (this is blatantly wrong!)
Bannister 6-0-28-0
Afzal 5-0-22-2
Davies 5-0-13-0
Hood 5-0-14-1
Dewberry 2-0-…4+4+4….carry the one…17-0

Lunch was largely an all packaged affair, the Cazh getting their fill on the more marginal food groups such as the “cholesterol group” and the lesser known “you won’t live very long group” There was also an abundance of cheese sandwiches, enjoyed by all. It was a good effort considering that we were struggling, smiles all round. Thanks also to Foxy who did the lion’s share of the cleaning up and made some cracking brews.

And so to the run chase. Shakey and Andy opened the batting and after scoring 9 runs off the first over, the Cazh lost their first wicket, Andy caught for 1, 13/1. Pikey joined the skipper in the middle and having made runs the previous week, continued to look in form. The partnership reached 41 before he turned into a fruit and was plum(b) LBW for a solid 27; 54/2, 94 required off 19 overs. Roachy came in next, someone also in form having made 34 the previous week (21 more than Kim, also expressed as 261% more if you will) and another good partnership ensued. 35 were added before JR was stumped on 21; 89/3, 59 required off 10. Cometh the hour, cometh the man. With the required run rate rising, Stevo scored a typically quick 17, including a big 6, before his castle was toppled. 120/4; 28 required off 6. The Doc came in adding 1 to the total before being bowled and I excelled again with a big fat 0, suffering the same fate. 20 runs needed off 4 overs. Muff comes to the crease.

The 32nd over was worth 6, the 33rd only 3. The 34th yielded 5.

6 off 6 to win.

Shakey played a lovely shot for 2, relieving a bit of pressure and taking him to 51. Undoubtedly the backbone of the innings, in true Casual spirit, we were all unappreciative of having to witness what was a blur of dots and dabs. I still wake up screaming. Very well done, in all honesty it was a very good performance.
The next ball was a dot, worse still our half-centurion was run out quite rightly taking a risky single.

Shagger comes to the crease. Rog is next man in, he looks scared.
4 off 4.

The field comes in, but it doesn’t stop Muff scampering a single. Dan does the same next ball, 2 off 2. Again, good placement and running allows another single, ensuring there would be no defeat!

1 ball to come, Dan’s at the crease. A wide would be nice…
In true agricultural fashion and with a mind clouded from the previous night’s alcohol, he swipes at the ball, back past the bowler, piercing the infield for 4 runs! Easy! Sweet success for the Cazh, bitter, bitter tears for the Sri Lankans.

An average game with a frantic finish which also yielded a number of Milestones:

Winkie- 250th Wicket
1000 overs.
Stevo- 1500 runs
Muff- 100 caps.

Well done to all who played.

Captain: We got lucky with the weather.
Casual: Yeh, it was a good result beating them too.
Captain: I guess all that tinkering in the field paid off.
Casual: Fuck off!


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