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Match report vs Sully Centurions 20 August 06 @ Sully (skipper Richie, report Shagger)

After scrabbling a side together, the Cazh turned up with 2 players still pissed from the night before and 3 injured players (4 if you count Shakey’s many and varied injuries – but he was one of the pissed ones…) fortunately Skipper Rich was able to retake the reigns from Shagger (the other pissed one) due to his car not being ready to go on holiday…

Back at the helm, Richie duly lost the toss, and to make a game of it Sully put themselves into bat. Shagger and Muff were asked to open the bowling, and the first 8 over spell went very well with Sully only scoring 28 for no loss. Scooby and Kevin Mavely (bowler) were next up. Scooby managed to get a bit of pace out of the slightly soggy pitch (the covers hadn’t been put on the night before) and was rewarded with break through in his second over – lurched into action Shagger fielding at gully managed to ‘sprint’ round to point to take what in the end was a simple catch. Like a bus, the next wicket fell the very next ball – Scooby clean bowling their other opener. The hat-trick ball was well left by the new batsmen – just to get his eye in before dispatching the next 2 deliveries for a 6 and 4 (to be fair there was a very short boundary on the one side, unlike the other side were you had to catch a taxi to get to the boundary). Kevin bowled a good line (couldn’t see if it turned much, but the batsmen didn’t seem to want to take it on) – Kevin finished his 6 overs only going for 30 runs. Scooby was less fortunate, as after his 2 wickets in the second over, the 2 new batsmen started to ‘throw’ the bat a bit – mainly aiming the ball towards and over the boundary – his next (and final) 2 overs went for 30 runs. However, he had done what was required. 88 for 2 off 16.

BA took over from Scooby, and again not doing anything wrong, the batsmen went after him especially given the short boundary. In his 3 rd over, it seemed like déjà vu, this time it was Andy F who held onto the catch on the boundary, then very next ball BA took the #5 first ball (bowled). The hat trick ball narrowly missed the stumps. Foxy took over from Kevin at the other end and bowled steadily, again the batsmen not looking to take on the spin. The Sully #4 was building a good score which could have been ended by Kevin (whilst on about 30) who unfortunately spilled a sitter at covers (however he was not the only one..). Foxy picked up his first wicket in his 4 th over – a miraculous catch in the covers by Monty – not too sure if he just happened to be falling forward as the ball was bowled or not – but either way a lovely catch low under his gut. The last ball of his 6 th over, BA managed to pick up his 3 rd wicket caught by Richie. Unfortunately, neither of these wickets was their #4 (G Sullivan). Foxy continued to toil away and was rewarded again – this time a stumping by Kim – who was surprisingly quiet behind the stumps…170 for 6 off 27 overs.

Shagger was brought on again for his second spell, this time from the short boundary end, and he wasn’t going to have the same fortune as his first spell. With the batsmen conversing in the middle “no dot balls” – the over went for 14 (though there were 2 snicks through what would be a slip cordon for 4’s). Muff came back after 2 more Foxy overs and was able to keep the runs down very effectively (Machen seems a distant memory…) In Shag’s penultimate over, the #4 miss-hit one straight up into the air, Shag thinking it was coming towards him shouted to take the catch and ran as fast as his pissed legs could carry him, finally getting under the ball (next to the far end stumps) only to drop the bloody thing! In hindsight he should have let Keeper Kim take it as he was much closer (Shagger’s fault). He was fortunate to get the other batsman 2 balls later (R Sylvester - bowled). Muff was to get his reward next over bowling their #10. As you may have worked out the Sully #4 was still there and targeting his century, I’m not too sure who bowled the over that got him to his 100, but who ever it was (the 2 doing the book were pissed), that was the end of the innings as Sully declared with 4 overs remaining – Muff ‘slightly’ pissed off as wanted to get their last bat. Sully finishing on 243 for 9dec after 36overs.

Bowling figures….

Shag – 8 (overs) – 43 (runs) – 1 (wicket)
Muff – 6 – 29 – 1
Scooby – 4 – 50- 2
Kev - 6-30-0
BA – 6-51-3
Foxy -6-38-2

Tea was nice (lots of fluids required, esp Monty and Shag).

Chasing this big total was going to be a task, but had been done before. Kim and Smitts opened the batting and got off to a bit of a flier. Ok Kim got off to a flier, whilst Smitts held up the other end. After 8 overs the Cazh were above the run rate!! However, like most Cazh inning’s a collapse is always just around the corner….Smitts first to fall for 11 (bowled) a partnership of 55. This brought BA to the crease, and some solid shots and defensive ones also as the bowling change brought on spin which got harder to get away. After a partnership of 18 BA was next to fall caught and bowled (looked like a bloody good catch – I couldn’t see from the glare off the sea -8). 73-2 off 15. Next up was Richie, didn’t see much of this innings, but it included a 4 and a couple of singles until he was caught for 7. 88 for 3 off 19. Shakey accompanied Kim in the middle and took it slowly but surely – probably cos his legs were asleep. Unfortunately Kim was next to get out with a bit of a lazy shot caught for 45 – it was a good knock and it did include 9 fours. 97-4 off 21overs.

Muff joined Shakey at the half way stage and looked to steady the ship. The bowling had gotten tight and made it difficult for runs to flow. However, steady the ship they did and the score crept up. Taking nothing away from the pair – I was surprised at the partnership – 69 before Muff fell for 35 (bowled), taking the score to a respectable 166 off 35 overs. Shagger made his way to the middle and put on a partnership of 22 with Shakey, until Shakey went caught for 33 (unlucky actually as the bowler took the wicket in his 9 th over). 188 for 6 off 39 overs. Kev, joined Shag and the pair managed to survive the final few balls, trying to take the score to 200. However finishing a bit short on 193-6. (Shag 6no and Kev 1no). The total was helped massively by 45 extras!

Special thanks to the umpires - Foxy who umpired for the full 40 overs, Kev (who has now made the mistake of umpiring) and Smitts. A good game, though the Cazh maybe weren’t up for it as much as have been in past games, but it was played in a good spirit and well done to Kim, Muff and Shakey for making the score respectable.

Also - well done to Paul Stephens for reaching his 250 career wicket for the club (leading wicket taker) and to Richie for making his 200th appearance for the Cazh - you have now made the 'elite' list of sad f*ckers.


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