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Match report vs Blood Service 12 July 06 @ Wenvoe (skipper Andy Hood, report Paul Stephens)

Firstly, apologies for the lateness of this report, I have been trying for almost a week to drum up the enthusiasm to write up a report for one of the dullest games in Casuals history.

Anyway, I don’t have the scorebook so this is from memory; apologies if any of the details are incorrect. The Blood service batted first and only had 8 men at the start of the contests so they had a few of our fielders. I think Tesh & Dewbs opened the bowling for us and bowled reasonably as far as I remember. I think we bowled the odd short ball that got punished by one of their openers; he got 30 if memory serves.
Fitzy came onto bowl and his lack of pace and the pitch’s lack of bounce made for a lethal combination finishing with figures of 4 overs 1 maiden 3 for 11!!!!!!!! He even turned a few and in fairness used the conditions to bowl very well as did Matt Davies who got 3 for 13 in his 3 and a bit overs. One of his wickets (I have to put this in or he will moan) was a fine catch by my brother making considerable ground from backward point/short 3rd man up to square cover for a running catch. Andy hood got the remaining wicket in his only over I think for 2 runs. The final total was 91 so 92 to win for the Casuals then.

Now if you played in the earlier game against the service you will know they had some decent batsmen and 2 sharp bowlers. None or these turned up for this game. Kim was first out playing around a straight one for about 5, I think boredom got him out more than the bowling, which was average at best. A Pre finger John Furnham opened with Kim I think and he got around 15 or 18 runs, he had already had a life hitting a no-ball to Dewbs (fielding for them) before doing exactly the same thing a little later off a legal ball to the same traitor, sorry fielder. Earlier on James had dropped what could be described as a sitter at mid on.

Anyway this is where my memory lets me down a bit, I’m not sure if we lost 3 or 4 wickets before Matt joined my brother to finish off the chase with a few overs remaining. Mat scored at around a run a ball for 12ish and my brother took an age getting 30 not out passing his 3000 runs for the club in the process.

Job done, I can now erase all memory from this game from my head and concentrate on other more important things.


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