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Match report – vs. Newport Asians 26 April 06 – Spytty Park, Newport (Skipper on the Day - D. Lewis)

The first game of the 2006 began with the usual Casual’s skipper unavailable to play, stand in skipper Goughy pulled out last minute, which meant Captain Dan of the triumphant No Stars was drafted in head up the ‘new recruits’ 11.

The toss was lost (as per usual) and the Casuals were asked to bowl first (on the artificial wicket). Captain Dan elected to lead with experience as he and BA opened the bowling. The Asian’s showed from the start they were going to throw the bat at everything, especially given the ‘true’ bounce off the wicket, and were lucky to get away with a top edge just short of Jamie at fine leg in the first over. In Shagger’s third over, the Asian’s ‘opened’ up by successively slapping 3 consecutive 6’s over the short mid wicket boundary. However, going for one 6 too many the first wicket fell as the batsman went for the 4th 6 – well caught by Tesh at mid on (45ish – 1wicket -5overs). BA completed a respectable spell going for 23 off his 3 overs.

James Roach, one of 6 making his casuals debut was next into the attack. Unfortunately for James, the batsmen continued to have a go at the short boundary and successfully managed to hit 5 6’s off James’ 2 overs, Meanwhile Rob Sage (debutant #2) bowled well and kept the runs restricted at the other end and picked up his first wicket (bowled). James followed suit and got his first wicket next late in the second over as Big Willy behind the stumps managed to keep hold of one. (100ish -3-10). Rob was also unlucky not to get a run out as he deflected a straight drive onto the stumps, almost breaking his thumb in the process, but the umpire was unsighted (or commonly known as looking the other way..) Either way, Tesh (debutant #3) and Scotty were the next pair to bowl. Tesh bowled well and the Casuals managed to get a run out (Paul to Will). Scotty, chucking his pies, managed to lull the batsman into a mistimed big hit and was caught by Paul at square leg. Scotty bowled through and finished with good figures 25-1 off 3. Matt Davies (debutant #4) came onto bowl and did well when the batsmen were trying to tie up the innings. By this time Shakey had eventually found his way to the pitch (about an hour late), with 2 overs left. Rob came back for his last over and got another wicket caught by Smitts (debutant #5) high at mid-on.

The Casuals battled well, but the total was a bit formidable – 194-6 off 18overs…..

Matt Davies and Jamie Pike (debutant #6) opened the batting. Matt, looking solid at the start, misjudged a leg glance, completely missing it and was bowled for 0. Shakey, went in number 3 and started well, leg glancing a 6 (!!!) in the first couple of balls. He and Jamie went along well, until Jamie was run out (11) going for the second against an eventual good piece of fielding. (22-2). Smitts was next to come in, and the bowling got better, the Asians quick bowler made his appearance, but Smitts ‘took him apart’ with some fine shots – in particular a fine square cut (though Smitts did confess afterwards that he was ‘scared shitless’). Shakey was next to fall (16) bowled. 42-3. Big Willy strode in, and a few balls later, strode back out again, after finding the dead part of the bat and spooning to cover (0). 47-5. Tesh entered and exited the fray just as quick (0) caught.

Paul, next in to steady the ship, did so and he and Smitts continued to battle away in the dwindling light, against some still quite quick deliveries. BA ended his innings caught on the boundary (11). James Roach went in and out to bat quite quickly, bowled 0. 66-8. Shagger, entered with one thing on his mind – swish, swish and swish again… eventually following on from the indoor games – run out ( 8). 83-9. Scotty, batting from the Billy Mango school of batting ‘enjoyed’ a running extravaganza with Smitts, though resulting in Smitts being run out going for a 5 in the last over (top scoring with 33). Rob came in at number 11, and facing one ball scored 2. Scotty (0 no). The final score 88-9 off 18.

A good opening game for the Cazh to find their feet, but the Asians scored just too many runs.
Many thanks to Andy Hood for turning up to support and do the book (which Shakey eventually turned up with...did you know that there is a Spytty Retail Park, which doesn't have a cricket pitch...?)



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